Grey Knights Veteran Sergeants

If you have looked at my Grey Knights Landspeeder you will realise that I am attempting to paint a Grey Knights force which goes beyond the listings in the DaemonHunters Codex. What I am trying to do is to create a Grey Knights force (using the Space Marine Codex) and then using a DaemonHunters force as allies.

One thing I will be using are ordinary Space Marines conveted and painted as Grey Knights. As well as ordinary Marines I am going to use some of the Space Marine Veterans as they look very ornate with their purity seals and stuff.

My previous post on my Grey Knight Veterans showed you the parts from the blister.

Here is the front of the completed models.

They are really nice models with a lot of detail.

The next stage will be a black undercoat.



Inquisitorial Land Raider and Rhino

Here are some photographs of Forgeworld’s Inquisitorial Land Raider and Rhino.

Inquisitor Rhino next to Inquisitor Land Raider
Inquisitor Rhino next to Inquisitor Land Raider

The Land Raider in more detail.

Land Raider with Forgeworld Inquistor Doors
Land Raider with Forgeworld Inquistor Doors

The Rhino in more detail.

Inquisitor Rhino with Forgeworld doors.
Inquisitor Rhino with Forgeworld doors.

Nice models.

Valentines Day

Don’t know what you got, but I got reinforcements…

Generally on Valentines Day you get flowers, chocolates, and other romantic stuff!

I got a boxed set of Grey Knights! Okay so not very romantic, but what a present!

There are five Grey Knights in the boxed set, including one Justicar and one Knight with incinerator.

Two of these may well end up as the crew of my Grey Knights Landspeeder.

Grey Knights Land Speeder – the story continues…

More of the model painted…¬†Managed to get in some painting time (the majority was spent on a secret project) however I did manage to get some more of my Grey Knights Land Speeder painted.

You can see I have painted more of the bodywork (in Boltgun Metal) and painted the Imperial Eagle in Burnished Gold with highlights. The Inquisitor Book has also had the edges painted in Burnished Gold.

The underneath has been drybrushed with Boltgun Metal and I may do some weathering on the engines later.

Though the crew legs still need painting, I have painted the instrument panel.

This final shot shows how the model is coming together… still need to paint the crew!

Grey Knight with Incinerator

My original colour scheme for the Grey Knights in my Daemonhunters army was done as follows:

      • Black undercoat
      • Chainmail base coat
      • Thinned blue ink wash
      • Mithril highlights

You can find out more here. However I was not happy with the results which looked too shiny.

Though I had followed the painting guide in the Codex there was one difference, I had used Chainmail and the guide recommended Boltgun metal.

My local store had sold out of Boltgun, but I managed to get a pot the other day from a GW store and had a go at re-painting the Grey Knights and was much happier with the results.