Legion Imperialis Batte Report

In the next issue of White Dwarf there will be an early battle report for Legions Imperialis.

From the cover:

Blood Angels take on the Death Guard in our first Legions Imperialis battle report.

The Warhammer Community website says

…and you can whet your appetite for the upcoming Legions Imperialis in an early battle report. 

This will be an issue of White Dwarf I will get when it comes out.

Now what does this tell us about the release date for Legions Imperialis? Well, not anything concrete, but I wonder if this means we might see Legions Imperialis before November? If not then in November?

Tiny Drop Pods

Over on the Warhammer Community website we have seen a preview of some Drop Pods for Legion Imperialis.

Drop Pods for Legion Imperialis

The Legiones Astartes utilise a number of methods of deployment into hostile war zones – but none are more iconic than the Drop Pod assault. Each pod is a self-contained orbital descent capsule, launched from a spacecraft and searing through a planet’s atmosphere before retro jets fire to slow its descent just enough not to be obliterated upon impact with the surface. Upon landing, a deadly cargo of Space Marines charges directly into the heart of battle.

Though not entirely clear from the article, I think these are in fact plastic models.

There is also the intriguing final comment…

They’ll be available – much like Legions Imperialis itself – sooner than you think!

Legions Imperialis Rumours

Legion Imperialis Logo

The initial plan was that Legions Imperialis would be released in August. However the most recent post on the Warhammer Community site, as mentioned on this blog, was that the release will be delayed until later in the year.

Why was there a delay? Well as you might have guessed the internet is rife with rumours.

One of the strongest of the Internet rumours is that the rulebook needed to be reprinted due to an inappropriate quote. Though we don’t really know the details it probably was a paraphrased quote from World War Two.

Other rumours talk about warehouse and computing problems. There is also speculation that there are shipping delays.

Of course we will probably never know the truth.

Still looking forward to getting my copy of Legions Imperialis.

Legions Imperialis Delayed

Legion Imperialis Logo

The initial plan was that Legions Imperialis would be released in August. However the most recent post on the Warhammer Community site on the new Solar Auxilia Support models there is (hidden away at the bottom) a statement on the release date.

While we had initially hoped to release Legions Imperialis in August, the release date will now be a little later in the year. Don’t worry – you’ll be commanding a tiny legion of troops to victory very soon.

Well that is disappointing, after all the exciting previews we’ve seen over the last few weeks.

The phrase later in the year means that we may not even see this release until December, though I suspect it might be November.

Epic Size Comparisons

Over on the Warhammer Community site is an interesting article comparing the new Legions Imperialis miniatures with Epic miniatures of old.

The new Legions Imperialis models are much bigger than the Epic versions. This probably means that it will be challenging to use any Epic models alongside the new ones. Many of the models were pretty much underscale anyway.

One mistake in the article is that they mention plastic Leman Russ tanks

On the left is an adorable family photo, depicting three generations of the Leman Russ. At the front in green is an old metal version from the Space Marine-era in the mid 90s, joined by a plastic model (we think) from Epic Armageddon. The new Legions Imperialis Leman Russ kit also builds Leman Russ Vanquishers, pictured on the right with a smaller plastic version below it.

These plastic models were in fact resin models from Forge World. Here they are advertised in the Forge World catalogue.

I had a few, but as they didn’t match the metal Epic 40000 models I had, so I sold them on eBay.

New models for Legions Imperialis revealed

So after the accidental reveal, yesterday we saw the official reveal of some new models for Legion Imperialis. 

As well as the Rhino and Baneblade we saw yesterday, we also have the Kratos.


The Kratos is a staple of Space Marine armoured companies, and one of the heaviest tanks available to the Legions Astartes. 

We also have the Solar Auxilia Banelade.


….the iconic superheavy tank hits the battlefield in detachments of up to six, with a kit that can be used to create Baneblades or Hellhammers, alongside a huge range of hull, sponson, and cupola options.

We also have the Deimos pattern Rhino.


These are nice models that have potential for conversions. In the day I did a fair few Epic 40K conversions.

Also in the photos are a couple of Arvus flyers.

Legions Imperialis

We’ve seen these before in Aeronautica Imperialis.

Hidden miniatures in plain view

Over on the Warhammer Community site they have previewed some exciting new terrain for Legions Imperialis.

They have also inadvertently shown us some new models for Legions Imperialis.

In the video we can see Deimos Pattern Rhino armoured vehicles.

These look like really detailed miniature models.

There’s a super heavy Solar Auxilia Baneblade tank.

Wondering what other miniatures will be released.

New Terrain for Legions Imperialis

Over on the Warhammer Community site they have previewed some exciting new terrain for Legions Imperialis.

The new Civitas Imperialis City Road Tiles look excellent and was the kind of thing that Forge World use to sell in resin.

These are (smaller and in) plastic. I really like these. You get six in a pack allowing you to have a 3’ x 2’ gaming area. So you would need four packs for the standard 6’ x 4’ gaming table. 

In the past we may have seen Forge World produce extra specialist tiles to add to the standard tiles. This time, I don’t think we will, which will be a pity.

We also have some new ruins, which look great.

These Civitas Imperialis Ruins remind me of the Epic 40000 ruins that came with that game.

We are also going to have the Manufactorum Imperialis and Civitas Imperialis terrain sets re-released as well.

Really like the level of support that Legions Imperialis is getting. Wondering what other stuff we might see. Will we see more terrain? Will we see some supporting terrain from Forge World? We will have to wait and see.

First look at the sprues

Over on the Warhammer Community site they are discussing the design of the new models for Legions Imperialis. It also means we get a first look at the sprues.

Legions Imperialis sprues

The sprues show that the model tanks have a fair few parts (along the same lines as the Aeronautica Imperialis aircraft models).

When asked about the challenges of designing the models, Daren from The Design Studio said:

There is a little compromise between accurately representing the details of the larger kit, and making something that people will enjoy putting together, painting, and playing with. By necessity certain aspects have to change, for technical and aesthetic reasons. You can’t expect people to make a six-part Tactical Space Marine in a game that can require hundreds to play, so simple infantry are the way forward.

Despite the number of parts I am still looking forward to the release of Legions Imperialis.