New Picard Trailer – release date 23rd January 2020

Well we have a new trailer for Picard.

Some nice surprises in there and some interfering scenes. So much so I was pausing and rewinding. Nice to see some old friends in there too.

All kicks off on January 23rd 2020 on CBS in the US and Amazon Prime in the UK.

Star Trek: Picard

I am so looking forward to this new series.

How about you?

It will be the eighth series in the Star Trek franchise and centers on the character Jean-Luc Picard. Set at the end of the 24th century, twenty years after the events of Star Trek: Nemesis, the storyline is affected by the destruction of Romulus referenced in the film Star Trek (2009), as well as the death of Data.

In the UK it will be on Amazon Prime.

Steampunk Old West: Time Travel

Old West

This is a series of blog articles, updating and based on my original article on Steampunk Old West. I will be posting a few blog articles over the next week or so on my experiences and thoughts on taking the old west and adding a dash of victorian science fiction. I have painted and have been painting up some Foundry Old West figures for use with the Legends of the Old West Warhammer Historical rules. I liked the concept of a traditional Old West game, however the film Cowboys and Aliens got me thinking about “different” old west backgrounds. I did first start thinking about adding Victorian Science Fiction or Steampunk elements to the games.
As well as aliens, and steampunk tech, another thing that could be added to the mix is time travel.

One inspiration for this was Harry Turtledove’s Guns of the South, in which South Africans travel in time and arm the Confederate South with the AK47. Adding 20th Century weaponry to the 19th Century can make for some interesting scenarios and games. The key really is to keep the weapons to a minimum, otherwise you no longer have an old west game, it’s just a moderns game but with cowboys!

Another idea would be to put some modern day soldiers in the old west. Though having the advantage of modern weapons, the journey back in time would be confusing and the modern day soldiers would be hesitant and unsure.

Another variation would be to follow a Star Trek style scenario have have future humans travel back in time to the old west. They could be armed with phaser style weaponry.

Star Trek: The Next Generation had a few old west holodeck adventures and that could be another mechanism for having games with cowboys and future tech. For example the Borg invade the Enterprise holodeck and the Star Fleet personnel need to team up with cowboy holograms to defeat them.

“Spectre of the Gun” (originally titled “The Last Gunfight”) is an episode from the third season of the original science fiction television series Star Trek that was first broadcast on October 25, 1968. In this episode, having been found trespassors into Melkotian space, Captain Kirk and his companions are sent to die in a psychic illusion that takes the form of the town of Tombstone, Arizona, on Earth on the historic date October 26, 1881.

A Town Called Mercy

Of course if we are talking about Time Travel then we mustn’t forget the Doctor. Across his many generations he has travelled to the Old West, including the recent episode, A Town Called Mercy. This episode saw the Doctor, Rory and Amy visiting the American Frontier, or “Wild West”, where they encounter a town which is cut off from the rest of the frontier until they hand over Kahler-Jex, an alien doctor, to a cyborg called the Gunslinger. However, the Gunslinger is a product of experiments by Jex to win a civil war on his planet, and the Doctor is unsure of what is the right thing to do.

The first Doctor also visited the wild west in The Gunfighters, where he interacted with the main protagonists in the gunfight at the O.K. Corral.

I already have a few Doctor Who miniatures that are on my workbench.

Remove the camera shake from Star Trek, and what do you get…

Those who know a thing or two about Star Trek will know that when the Enterprise is attacked with disrupter fire from the Klingons (or the Romulans) the bridge shakes. The method they used on the sets, was to shake the camera and the actors would then simultaneously throw themselves across the bridge.
Of course with modern image stablisation techniques available to anyone, we can now remove the camera shake and this is what you get…

Amusing, though this one from the original series is even funnier.


Looks like there is going to be a Doctor Who/Star Trek TNG crossover comic.

There were rumours that there may have been an actual episode crossover between a RTD Doctor Who episode and Enterprise, but after Enterprise was cancelled, this of course all fell apart…
So is this a step too far? Or are you looking forward to it?
Buy the Graphic Novel in iBooks.
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Star Trek Full Thrust

Over on the main site you can read the story behind Star Trek Full Thrust, a game based in the Star Trek universe that used the excellent Full Thrust rules.

So you can guess I was intrigued by the news from HeroClix that they are going to release a Star Trek game complete with miniatures.

USS Enterprise

Though I have never played Heroclix I did think that these “toys” would be great for Star Trek Full Thrust.

IKS Maht-H'a

When I have been to Forbidden Planet I have sometimes seen some useful models for Star Trek Full Thrust, so these new Heroclix models are additions to a range of possible miniatures.

Star Trek IX

I finally managed to get to see Star Trek XI alas not at the cinema but on my TV.


I really enjoyed it, much more so than I thought I would. I thought the storyline was clever, the characters worked for me (well except Kirk) I even liked the reboot that the time travel caused. The effects were very good and I liked the ship models.

I watched it using the copy I got for Christmas which was the Star Trek XI (3-Disc Edition) with Bonus Digital Copy on Blu Ray.