Going grey with the Adeptus Astartes Flyers

As with my Asuryani Flyers the next stage after giving the Adeptus Astartes models for Aeronautica Imperialis a white undercoat was to think about the colour scheme. I have the models from the Wrath of Angels and I now have a Thunderhawk as well. I did think about Ultramarines blue, then Salamanders green, but in the end decided on painting them up as Grey Knights. Forge World had a display of a Grey Knights Thunderhawk at a GamesDay event which is what inspired me.

Grey Knights Thunderhawk
Grey Knights Thunderhawk

I think this could work, however they used a grey colour scheme rather than the metallic finish of the Grey Knights themselves.

So I gave the Storm Eagles a basecoat of Basilicanum Grey contrast paint.

I did the same with the Xiphon Interceptors.

The next stage will be that heavy dry brush and then a lighter dry brush to draw out the highlights and make the models look more like the Forge World Grey Knights.

After that it will be detailing the hull (with red), the engines and weapons.

Grey Knights for Aeronautica Imperialis

I have been thinking about is what colour to paint my Adeptus Astartes models for Aeronautica Imperialis.

I have the models from the Wrath of Angels and am seriously considering getting a Thunderhawk as well.

I did think about Ultramarines blue, then Salamanders green, but now thinking about painting them up as Grey Knights.

Forge World had a display of a Grey Knights Thunderhawk at a GamesDay event.

Grey Knights Thunderhawk
Grey Knights Thunderhawk

I think this could work, however they used a grey colour scheme. A lot of Grey Knight vehicles were also painted in this scheme.

Inquisitor Rhino next to Inquisitor Land Raider
Inquisitor Rhino next to Land Raider

When I started thinking about painting my Aeronautica Imperialis models I was thinking painting them the same colour as Grey Knights.

Giving the models a base coat of Leadbelcher and then washes and detailing.

Now reflecting on the excellent Forge World models I am now thinking of following that scheme on the Aeronautica Imperialis models.

It also got me thinking that I could add some Inquisitorial Storm Troopers Valkyrie Transports to the force as well.

A Storm Troopers Valkyrie Transport which is part of Mike Sharpe's superb Space Wolves army, which was on show at GamesDay 2006.
A Storm Troopers Valkyrie Transport which is part of Mike Sharpe’s superb Space Wolves army, which was on show at GamesDay 2006.

Add another boxed set of those to the shopping list.

I will also need to think about rules, either using the vanilla rules, or doing some tweaking.

Grey Knights Land Raider Redeemer

Grey Knights Land Raider Redeemer on display at Warhammer World.

The Land Raider Redeemer is a variant of the Land Raider Crusader, which itself is a variant of the standard Land Raider used by the many Chapters of the Adeptus Astartes to provide short-range, anti-infantry assault support during urban offensives.

The Land Raider Redeemer replaces the Land Raider Crusader’s weapons with the dreaded sponson-mounted Flamestorm Cannons. These massive flame-based weapons send burning sheets of promethium into the thick of the foe, purging even well-defended bunker complexes in solar seconds. This enables the Redeemer to be highly effective against infantry during grueling and dangerous urban combat.

Thinking about some Grey Knights Knights!

Back in the day at a Games Day someone had scratch built (out of cardboard) a Grey Knight Titan.

Grey Knights Titan

This was an impressive model and I really liked it.

I have for many (many) years being attempting to build a force of Inquisitorial forces and Grey Knights, but purposefully trying to to create Grey Knight versions of standard Space Marines, both infantry and vehicles.

I do like the concept of the Imperial Knights and looking over the range of models I did think that the Armiger Warglaive could be the basis of a Grey Knight version, complete with protective purity seals, additonal sheilds, even a new head, etc…

Armiger Warglaive

I really do need to though paint stuff, rather than buy stuff, so for the moment I am (just) thinking about this project, rather than doing anything concrete about it. However watch this space!

Pre-Order Digital Codex Grey Knights

Update: Get the new version of Codex: Grey Knights Enhanced Edition

Digital Codex Grey Knights

The next digital release from Games Workshop is Codex Grey Knights.

The Grey Knights are the most mysterious of all the Imperium’s many organisations. Few outside the upper echelons of the Inquisition hold any knowledge of the Chapter’s founding, and even these most trusted of men are denied the full truth. For ten thousand years the Grey Knights have stood between the Imperium and the Daemons of the Warp. An incorruptible army of genetically engineered warriors, they are armed and armoured with the finest wargear Mankind can supply, for no others in the Emperor’s service have so dire a task as they.

This digital codex includes interactive miniatures galleries, lavish full colour artwork, and full rules for fielding an army of Grey Knights on the battlefield.

Sometimes you get it wrong…

I had started to paint the basecoat of my Grey Knights Land Raider using a normal brush. I decided that I would try using Citadel’s spray gun to base coat the rest of the Land Raider. However due to thinning the paint too much I didn’t get the result I hoped for. As you can see it didn’t work out too well.

From this angle it looks better, but’s that only because this was the area I had originally done part of the basecoat of by brush.

You can see in this close-up how the thinned paint ran from the flat surface.

Think it’s time to get a proper airbrush with a proper compressor. However give the GW Spray Gun its due, it got me thinking about airbrushing over just brush painting.

Though this is a Grey Knights Land Raider, I decided early on with this force that the majority of the armoured vehicles would be a sandy desert colour. I used Citadel Foundation Paint, Tausept Ochre as the basecoat.

See the full workbench feature on this Land Raider.

They come from the skies…

The Grey Knights are about to descend upon us….

We are about to see the imminent release of the new Grey Knights from Games Workshop and on the GW website is a real taste of what we can expect in this revamping of the Grey Knights. The models are now available to pre-order.

As well as lots of new plastic models, the main difference is the change in emphasis from Daemonhunters to Grey Knights in the new Codex. Previously the focus of the older Codex was with the Inquisition and entourage, with the Grey Knights very much there, but their role was supporting an Inquisitor. From the rumours and recently released pictures, what we will see in this new Codex is the focus now been on the Grey Knights. This Codex is about the Grey Knights and their weapons of war.
As expected the Stormraven is a key part of any Grey Knights force, but we also see some new and interesting models, particularly the Nemsis Dreadknight.

Its powerful weaponry will happily tear through any enemy army, both at range and in assault.

As a 4-Wound Monstrous Creature with the same save as a Terminator armour, the Nemesis Dreadknight’s adamantium-alloy skeleton also lends it incredible durability.

I like it and I don’t like it… probably something I need to see in the flesh (plastic) to see what it really is like. Reminds me of the older Eldar War Walker model.

These new releases may be the impetus I need to finish my own Grey Knights force.