Vehicle mayhem in the Ash Wastes

So with the recent Las Vegas preview we were treated to a Necromunda animation in which which we were not only introduced to the ash wastes, but also saw this (prospective) new model.

I have no idea what it is.

However the preview talked about convoys through the ash wastes. Attacks by other gangs, creatures and granulated vehicular combat.

It looks like some kind of land train.

We have seen the wheels before in the rumour engine.

It looks like it could have lots of uses, outside Necronmunda as well. I am liking the look of this of Necromunda land train thingy.

As you might expect, no idea about release date, more details, how this is all going to end up. I suspect there may be a big box release which I might get.

What about you?

Dire Wolf Heavy Scout Titan

A new model of an Adeptus Titanicus titan has been announced, a Dire Wolf Heavy Scout Titan.

Is that a Warhound? Is it a Reaver? No, it’s a Dire Wolf Heavy Scout Titan, an all-new variation of the Warhound Scout Titan with a big old extra gun right above the cockpit. And it’s disturbingly good at ambushes. It introduces a bundle of new armaments, including two carapace weapon options – the armour-busting neutron laser and the old, reliable volcano cannon. On top of that, it sports twin Ardex defensor mega-bolters.

This is a nice looking Titan and looks like it will be a useful addition to any titan battleforce.

The Dire Wolf Heavy Scout Titan will be available from Forge World later in the year

Handley Page Victor XH672

The Handley Page Victor is a British jet-powered strategic bomber which was developed and produced by Handley Page, and which served during the Cold War. It was the third and final V bomber to be operated by the Royal Air Force (RAF), the other two being the Avro Vulcan and the Vickers Valiant. The Victor had been developed as part of the United Kingdom’s airborne nuclear deterrent. It was retired from the nuclear mission in 1968, following the discovery of fatigue cracks which had been exacerbated by the RAF’s adoption of a low-altitude flight profile to avoid interception.

Handley Page Victor XH672 is on display at RAF Cosford.

Handley Page Victor XH672

Handley Page Victor XH648 is being restored at Duxford.



Imperial Shoretroopers Unit Expansion

The Imperial Shoretroopers Unit Expansion for Star Wars: Legion has been on my wishlist for a while now. It has been out of stock at various place where I normally shop, but on a recent visit to a FLGS they had a couple of boxes in stock so I picked one up.


It was seeing the Shoretroopers in Rogue One on Scarif that made me want to get a box.

Selected for rotational duty from exceptional Stormtrooper squads, Imperial Shoretroopers are trained not only in tropical environment operations, but also in entrenched warfare. Often assigned to important bases such as the Imperial security facility on Scarif, Shoretroopers use their expertise and equipment to counter Rebel ambushes and ensure Imperial secrets remain safe.

Rogue One is probably my favourite Star Wars film and I remember going to to the cinema to see A New Hope when it came out. Going forward to having some games of Star Wars: Legion, the land battles on Scarif are really what I want to try and recreate.

The Imperial Shoretroopers Unit Expansion has seven figures.

Within this expansion, you’ll find seven unique, unpainted Imperial Shoretrooper miniatures to add to your Star Wars™: Legion collection. Five of these troopers are armed with E-22 blaster rifles while a Shoretrooper equipped with a T-21B targeting rifle is ready to deal extra damage from long range. But if you’re truly looking to keep enemy units from escaping with sensitive information, a DF-90 Mortar Trooper can be added to your army as a detachment from the rest of your Shoretroopers. Rounding out this expansion are two unit cards, five upgrade cards to fully kit out your Shoretroopers, and all the tokens you need to deploy them to any battle.

So do I start painting these, or should I finish my other Star Wars: Legion models first…


The SEPECAT Jaguar is an Anglo-French jet attack aircraft originally used by the British Royal Air Force and the French Air Force in the close air support and nuclear strike role.

A single Jaguar was converted into the Jaguar Active Control Technology (ACT) with fly-by-wire controls and aerodynamic alterations to the airframe; the aerodynamic instability improved manoeuvrability and the test data was used in the development of the Eurofighter. That plane is now on show at RAF Cosford.


British Aerospace EAP

British Aerospace EAP

The British Aerospace EAP (standing for Experimental Aircraft Programme) was a British technology demonstrator aircraft developed by aviation company British Aerospace (BAe) as a private venture.

British Aerospace EAP

It was designed to research technologies to be used for a future European combat aircraft, and eventually formed the basis for the multinational Eurofighter Typhoon.

It is now on display at RAF Cosford.


Painting the Zone Mortalis: Floor Tile Set

One of my Christmas presents, was the Necromunda Zone Mortalis: Floor Tile Set.

Zone Mortalis: Floor Tile Set

These highly detailed pieces of terrain allow you to build your very own dark and gritty corner of the Necromundan Underhive. They can be used to make a variety of board sizes, from narrow corridors and abandoned dwellings, to sprawling industrial complexes.

Zone Mortalis: Floor Tile Set

I had been thinking for some time in getting this set, for small games of Warhammer 40000, but also for games of Star Wars: Legion. So was pleased to get a box for Christmas

You get a set of four identical 12″ square plastic floor tiles.

I gave them a light white undercoat.

This was then followed by a spray of Mechanicus Standard Grey Spray.

The next step will be further painting, washes and weathering. I have decided not go down the hazard warning stripe road that you see on the box.

Battlezone Fronteris Terrain

I have to say, I do like the Battlezone Fronteris Terrain which was announced on the Warhammer Community site.

This battlezone is designed to give you a range of new terrain for your battles on frontier worlds or to add a little bit more militaristic utility to your existing gaming tables. It includes STC Hab-Bunkers, a Landing Pad, Vox-Antenna, Auspex Shrine, plus a selection of stockades, and will soon be available as a complete battlezone and in a variety of smaller kits.

The new scenery looks very SF but much more functional than the gothic type terrain we have seen in previous releases.

This is something I would put on my shopping list.

Talisman: Batman

I really like Talisman, I have been playing it since the first edition came out in 1983. The game was very much set in a fantasy world.

One thing I have seen recently are themed versions of Talisman: Harry Potter, Star Wars and Batman.

  • The anti-heroic objective take on the classic Talisman fantasy tabletop game.
  • Take on the role of Gotham City’s notorious evil-doers!
  • Sneak and fight your way through Arkham Asylum’s two floor and central tower.
  • Be the first to subdue Batman and successfully release Arkham’s dangerous inmates!

I do like the Talisman mechanics, so not having to learn new rules upfront, certainly makes this game an attractive proposition. This game is a no-brainer if you like Batman and Talisman.