Sokar Pattern Stormbird

Sokar pattern Stormbird.
Sokar pattern Stormbird.

The Sokar pattern Stormbird is a dedicated attack lander. It has served as a high-durability orbital assault craft, a mobile bastion and firebase which could land a Space Marine strike force and withstand heavy ground fire while its cargo or troops and war machines disembarked to press the attack. One of the later patterns developed, the Sokar was the design precursor to the smaller Thunderhawk Gunship.

Sokar pattern Stormbird
Sokar pattern Stormbird

The Stormbird’s standard armament is four turret-mounted twin linked lascannon, three twin-linked heavy bolters, and a complement of six dreadstrike missiles. It is also equipped with particularly dense composite armour plating, and is further protected by a series of void shield generators which it can extend to protect disembarking troops and war machines.

Sokar pattern Stormbird.
Sokar pattern Stormbird.

Its cavernous transport bays can hold 50 fully armed Space Marines. Alternatively it can carry up to 5 Dreadnoughts, including the mighty Leviathan; Jump-pack equipped infantry; Rapier batteries; bikes; jetbikes; a Rhino armoured transport; or a mixed force of all of the above.

In the photographs you can see a Contemptor Dreadnought coming out from the side door.

Sokar pattern Stormbird.
Sokar pattern Stormbird.

A huge model that would make for an ideal objective for a game, though of course there are rules for using the flyer in games, but I think you would need a really large table…

Sokar pattern Stormbird
Sokar pattern Stormbird

This Sokar Pattern Stormbird was part of a airbase diorama at Warhammer World where there were all the different kinds of Space Marine Flyers.

Avenger Strike Fighters for Aeronautica Imperialis

I do quite like these new Avenger Strike Fighters for Aeronautica Imperialis.

These were announced and revealed at the 2020 New York Toy Fair.

Avenger Strike Fighters have long been beloved by generals in both Warhammer 40,000 and the Age of Darkness for their ability to deploy armour-busting firepower at ridiculous speeds. This new, plastic kit will allow you to reinforce your Imperial Navy squadrons with four of the blighters!

Space Wolves Vindicator and Dreadnought

A Space Wolves Legion Vindicator and Dreadnought as they assault the enemy Thousand Sons Traitor Legion.

Space Wolves Vindicator.

These photographs are from the Burning of Prospero.

The Burning of Prospero

The Burning of Prospero, is the name of the full-scale invasion and planetary devastation of Prospero, homeworld of the Thousand Sons, by Imperial forces that mainly included the Space Wolves Legion, the Adeptus Custodes and the Sisters of Silence.

Another view of the Vindicator.

M5 Half-Track

The M5 half-track (officially the Carrier, Personnel, Half-track, M5) was an American armored personnel carrier in use during World War II. It was developed in 1942 when existing manufacturers of the M2 half-track car, and M3 half-track could not keep up with production demand. The M5 was supplied to Allied nations (the British Commonwealth, France, and the Soviet Union) under the Lend-Lease.

American WW2 half-tracked armoured personnel carrier, crew of 3 plus capacity for 10 fully equipped troops, powered by 6-cylinder petrol engine, armed with three machine guns.

This one was on display at the Imperial war Museum Duxford.

I do like the concept of this vehicles and it’s not something we see in today’s armed forces.

Flames of War M5 Half Tracks Miniatures Gallery

We never did see this…

I have been updating the blog and website (bringing pages over and updating images) when I was reminded of this Forge World Ork model concept that I discussed in a blog post about Games Day 2009. A battlewagon with a huge missile on the back.

We never did see anything like this from Forge World, which is kind of understandable, as from a gaming perspective, having a huge missile doesn’t really work on the tabletop, as it is more of a strategic weapon rather than a tactical weapon, however it would have made a nice model.

With the imminent release of new Ork stuff from Games Workshop, I wonder if we will see any new Forge World Ork models? What do you think and what would you like to see?

Thunderhawk Gunship

The Thunderhawk gunship is used by the Adeptus Astartes as their primary means of deploying forces for ground combat as well as their primary source of air support. The Thunderhawk gunship is often considered the lynchpin of any Space Marine Chapter, as it is able to fulfill many combat roles. The Thunderhawk is fully capable of functioning as an orbital drop ship, a heavy ground attack gunship, or as a bomber. The aircraft is able to quickly carry Space Marine forces from orbiting starships down into the midst of a battle, while at the same time providing supporting fire against enemy ground or air targets.

Forgeworld Space Marine Thunderhawk Gunship.

This model is one of the Forgeworld Display models. When you see it for “real” you realise how large the model is. I am not a great fan of the model, however I do quite like the Thunderhawk Transporter.

This Thunderhawk was part of a airbase diorama at Warhammer World where there were all the different kinds of Space Marine Flyers.


There were lots of nice touches in this diorama, such as the above Thunderhawk getting rearmed for its next mission, whilst Space Marines guard the landing pad. Around the airbase, there were squads of Space Marines marching , as well as vehicles moving around and into position.

Churchill AVRE

The Churchill AVRE was one of the so-called ‘funnies’ designed by Percy Hobart specifically for use on the D-Day beaches to break through the German fortified defences. The AVRE was the most successful ‘funny’ type and AVRE vehicles remain in service with the British Army today.

This Churchill AVRE was on display at the Imperial War Museum in Duxford. For many years it had been a target on Sailsbury Plain and then spent a fair few years as a monument on the Normandy beaches.

A variant of the British WW2 Churchill Mk.III or IV tank adapted to carry and support assault engineers in breaching heavy defences, crew of 6, powered by two Bedford 6-cylinder petrol engines, armed with a 290mm Petard mortar.
A variant of the British WW2 Churchill Mk.III or IV tank adapted to carry and support assault engineers in breaching heavy defences, crew of 6, powered by two Bedford 6-cylinder petrol engines, armed with a 290mm Petard mortar

There was a 15mm resin and metal version of this tank available for Flames of War.

However it has now been replaced for the forthcoming (March 2020) plastic Churchill that can either be a later mark Churchill, the flamethrower Crocodile version or the AVRE version.

In gaming terms most specialist vehicles don’t really work, however this AVRE version with it’s Petard Mortar has a place if your opponent had troops skulking in bunkers.

Kyle Reese

Kyle Reese was a Resistance soldier in the post-apocalypse future, where most of humanity had already been wiped out in a deadly nuclear Third World War, sparked off by an artificial intelligence entity known as Skynet.

Kyle Reece is a metal miniature for the Terminator Genisys Miniatures Game from Warlord Games.

This is Reese when he is fighting Skynet in the future.

Here is a painted version.

The first stage will be to undercoat the model.

Thousand Sons Legion Osiron Pattern Contemptor Dreadnought

This Thousand Sons Legion Osiron Pattern Contemptor Dreadnought was in the display cabinets at Warhammer World.

Contemptor Dreadnought
Thousand Sons Legion Osiron Pattern Contemptor Dreadnought

For many decades, the arts by which the powers of a psyker could be maintained medically into the half-life of Dreadnought sarcophagus internment eluded the Thousand Sons, just as it had many others of the Legiones Astartes who attempted the task. It was not until the mind of Magnus itself was focused on the issue, which he saw as part of the wider Librarius Project to establish firmly the place of the psyker within the Legiones Astartes, that a solution, albeit a difficult one, was created.

The use of a crowning psychometric barrier lattice for the living brain of the mortally wounded psyker was his answer, a device he named the ‘Osiron’. Difficult to construct and using principles few even among the Imperium’s foremost psi-arcanists understood, the Thousand Sons immediately began fitting it to the highly adaptable Contemptor Dreadnought chassis in their possession with startlingly powerful results.