37mm Pak 36

Of all the anti-tank guns used during the Second World War, the 37mm Pak 36 was the most widely encountered. This one is displayed in the Land Warfare Exhibit at Duxford.

3.7 cm Pak 36

Developed in 1933 and issued to the German army in 1936, with 9,120 being available by the beginning of the war in September 1939 and a further 5,339 produced during the war.

A Pak 36 in Northern France, 1944
A Pak 36 in Northern France, 1944 – Bundesarchiv, Bild 101I-299-1831-26 / Hähle, Johannes / CC-BY-SA 3.0

I remember having a 1:76th version (20mm) because I had the Matchbox Krupp Kfz 69.

Imperial Guard Tank Landing Craft – Scrapped

Back in 2004 I discussed using an 1/72nd Airfix kit of the WWII LCVP Landing Craft as the basis for an Epic scale Imperial Guard Tank Landing Craft .

Imperial Guard Tank Landing Craft

1/72nd Airfix kit of the WWII LCVP Landing Craft

I saw this post as I was updating some other stuff, so I thought I would add an update. Alas this never got further than the ideas stage and the kit was eventually sold on eBay a few years ago.

FV611A Humber Pig Mk 2

The FV611A Humber Pig Mk 2 was an armoured vehicle based on the Humber 1 ton truck chassis. This one was on display at the Imperial War Museum in London.

FV611A Humber Pig Mk 2

Used by the British Army from the 1950s until the early 1990s. The Pig saw service with the Royal Ulster Constabulary (RUC) from late 1958 until early 1970. The Pig became particularly well known from its presence on the streets of Northern Ireland during the worst of the Troubles.

FV611A Humber Pig Mk 2

I was thinking that some 15mm versions of this would be useful for modern English Civil War games along with the Team Yankee releases available now.

Car Wars 6th Edition Kickstarter

So having started looking again at Car Wars, and seeing what is out there, I was intrigued to read on the Daily Illuminator that there will be a Black Friday Kickstarter launch for the sixth edition of Car Wars…

Work continues on Car Wars Sixth Edition, with lots of energy going into the construction of the Kickstarter campaign page. Building a page is never easy, but creating an attractive, information-packed page for our biggest game of 2020 is more challenging than you may realize. Getting all of the graphic assets in place, the manufacturing costs nailed down, the stretch goals ready, and the near-endless other details prepped consumes a lot more bandwidth than any other Kickstarter campaign we have run this year.

Still, we’re on track for a November 29 launch! For those who join us on that very first day of the project, we have a Black Friday special reward level coming. You are planning to join us on Day One, right? You won’t want to miss out on Uncle Albert’s Black Friday special. This is gonna be epic!

There was also a picture of some new models for Car Wars…

Car Wars Miniatures

I’ve not done a Kickstarter before, though have heard some good things (and some bad things) about them. This time I may take the plunge…

The cars look very “modern” and “futuristic”, kind of expect from the future world of Car Wars. My own thinking for Car Wars is more akin the “Chassis and  Crossbow” or Gaslands style, a little more Mad Max kind of look.

Forge World Malcador Infernus

This Malcador Infernus was part of a large diorama at Warhammer World

A “crocodile” style variant of the Malcador, I do like the rear part of the vehicle I am less so sure about the main weaponry. It looks like a big flamer.

Now I know it is a big flamer, but what I mean is that it looks like an out of scale flamer, a 3-up of a standard flamer rather than an actual flamer which is big!

Ford GPW 4X4 Jeep

Red Cross Ford GPW 4X4 Jeep on display at the Imperial War Museum London.

Red Cross Ford GPW 4X4 Jeep

Donated to the Red Cross Home for Officers in Sorrento, Italy in Autumn 1943 on the orders of General Mark Clark (who had been struck by the Homes lack of transport during an official visit.) Later the Jeep was used by the Red Cross Homes in La Selva and Cuvia, Italy and Klagenfurt, Austria. It was also used for delivering supplies to Casualty Clearing Stations in this theatre. At the end of the war the Jeep was written off and The Red Cross were told they could keep it. In 1946 the Jeep and trailer were driven to England by the donor. The Red Cross showed no interest in keeping the vehicle so it passed into the possession of its former driver, Joan Whittington, who had driven it back from Austria.

Add-on bits for toy cars for 20mm Car Wars

After my most recent blog post about Car Wars, I was reading my most recent copy of Wargames Illustrated when I noticed that in the Northstar Figures advert was this…

Implements of Carnage

It’s a plastic sprue of 20mm scale parts for toy cars for the game Gaslands Refueled.

You get two sprues for £10 from Northstar Figures, which though expensive for a couple of plastic sprues, isn’t really that bad I guess. These days it seems really easy to design and sell plastic models, it hasn’t always been like that. Since thinking about converting some toy cars, I did wonder what I could use for weapons, well this makes things much easier.