Cruiser, Mk III (A13)

The Tank, Cruiser, Mk III (A13) was a British cruiser tank of the Second World War. It was the first British cruiser tank to use the Christie suspension system which gave higher speeds and better cross-country performance, previous models of cruiser tanks having used triple wheeled bogie suspension. Like most British cruisers, the A 13 was fast but under-armoured and proved unreliable mechanically. Most were lost in the French campaign in 1940, but a few were used in Greece and the North African campaign in 1940-41. The photograph is BEF one knocked out in France and is missing a road wheel.

I have had this tank for sometime. Don’t remember the manufacturer, though I think it may be an old SDD Miniatures model.

I gave the model a white undercoat and it made it look better.

Using the Flames of War British Early War Paint Set I gave the model a basecoat of Cruiser Tank Green (202).