Ork Fighter Bommerz

These Ork Fighter Bommerz were on display at Warhammer World in Nottingham.

The Fighta-Bommer is the Orks’ primary tactical and strategic bombing aircraft. The Fighta-Bommer is capable of both void and atmospheric flight. It is used to bomb enemy bases and to assault enemy starships, or even in some cases to dogfight with enemy aircraft.

Ork Fighter Bommerz

Constructed with typical Orkish crudeness, these rickety, gravity-defying contraptions are often surprisingly effective and dangerous to friend and foe alike, as is common with most Ork technology. Fighta-Bommerz are often deployed as air support during large Ork planetary invasions, or to serve as point defence for Ork starships.

Ork Fighter Bommerz

Fighta-Bommerz are created by the few Meks who are interested in aircraft. As with all Ork vehicles, Fighta-Bommerz are kit-bashed affairs that usually defy the laws of aerodynamics, and fly despite their ungainly, brutish construction.

Ork Fighter Bommerz

Workbench feature on my plastic Ork Bommer.

Workbench feature on my Forge World Ork Bommer.

More photographs of Ork Bommerz.

Ork Kil Krusha Tank

Ork Kil Krusha Tank
This model from Forge World is one of my favourite Ork models they have made. I realised recently that since I undercoated it, it has spent way too long on the workbench… well in storage and I really should start thinking about getting it painted and finished.
They key for me is to not only give it a paintjob worthy of the model, but also one that isn’t going to take all my time and forever to get done.
I don’t want to go down the “black” armour route, likewise I am not sure if I want it red either! I might consider doing something similar to the brown-orange look I have done with the Fighter Bommer.
Ork Fighter Bomma
As for the engines, my usual method with Ork vehicles is to paint them black and then drybrush with Tin Bitz and Boltgun Metal. I might try a different method, one that I first tried on my Victorian Science Fiction Tunneller, where I gave the metal parts a basecoat of Boltgun Metal, then washing it with Citadel Shade: Nuln Oil. If I go down this road, then I will ensure that the Ork engines are a lot more dirty and rusty. As well as using shades, washes, I have a few of the Forge World weathering powders somewhere and this might be an ideal opportunity to use them. Of course if I use weathering powders then I will need a method for sealing them in. This is not one of my strongpoints, as I rarely varnish my models.
The next stage will be to remember which box I put it in…
See the full workbench feature on the Ork Kil Krusha.

New Ork Bommer

Oh yes…

The 2nd of June sees the release of the new plastic Ork Bommer.

Ever since an Ork aircraft first took flight and achieved supersonic speed, prospective flyboyz have been trying to outdo each other with their invenshuns. The most popular configurations of the Ork Bommer are the Dakkajet, the Burna-Bommer and the Blitza-Bommer.

It looks like a really nice plastic kit and you can make one of three variants. My favourite is this one.

It reminds me both of the Boulton Paul Defiant and one of the original Epic Ork Flyers.

With the price of Forge World kits as they are, it seems quite cheap at £27.50. Sometimes I need to remember that this is a plastic kit and Airfix usually sell something like this for £10!
Really nice concept and pleased to see it as a plastic kit. Time to rekindle that Ork Airfield idea that I had a few years back. Back then I bought the Ork Aircraft Traktor and Launch Trolley and repainted my Ork Fighter Bomma from Forge World.

Ork Bommer

At GamesDay 2005 there was a Dambusters style game on, with the Imperial Guard defending and Orks attacking.

A closer look at one of the Ork Heavy Bommers based on a Hercules model kit.



Not too keen on the painting on this model, almost pink!

Ork Fighter Bomma in action

I have been working on my Ork Fighter Bomma for years now.
Though not finished (in the sense can any model be finished), it was in my mind in a state ready for the gaming table.
At a recent game it took to the table.
Ork Fighter Bomma in action
We used the Apocalypse rules for it and I was well impressed with its performance.
Less impressed with its performance in the second game, when dropping its bombs it took out my Orks and not the enemy Imperial Guard!
Using the new  Apocalypse bombing template (the one that consists of five circles) was an interesting experience and the rules certainly worked for me (even when they didn’t work in my favour).
Looks like Simon will need to get some kind of anti-aircraft defence.