Ork Fighter Bomma

This is the original Forge World Ork Fighter Bomma. The model was retired when the new plastic kits were released.

Ork Fighter Bommer

Another view of the finished model.

This project originally started off as a large transport for Epic, find out more here.

The first job was to remove the “epicising” that I had done.

Certain sections (like the engine) were painted black and drybrushed with chainmail. The cockpit windows were painted black. If I was making this model again from new, I would add cockpit detail as the model does come with a pilot. I had “blocked” in the cockpit when I was going to use the model as a Epic Heavy Transport and with all the putty I thought this will all break into tiny pieces if I try and break it apart.

One effect I wanted was to ensure that the fighter looked like it was cobbled together from bits and pieces and then painted orange. I also wanted to have some “new” pieces that looked like they were from captured Imperial vehicles.

However first I needed to do the edges, and these were painted roughly in black.

These were then drybrushed with Boltgun Metal and Chainmail to give a rough knocked about a bit look. The panels will then be painted orange (though some will be painted Cadian green as though they were taken from destroyed Imperial tanks).

The orange has not worked!!! I really don’t like it.

Despite two coats the Citadel Orange paint is not covering the brown undercoat at all well… Not sure what to do now, I may have to go for a different colour entirely and my dream of an orange Ork Bommer is fading fast…

Well after much thinking, I decided to stick with the orange, but this time lay it on thick!

It has covered better and now looks like battered panels where the paint has cracked and flaked off. I need to do some highlighting and some more weathering, but I am now more pleased with this than the previous attempt!

it is somewhat bright, but I may vary the share across different panels.

I am much happier with the effect, but I am still not convinced the colour is the right colour – which is why I am trying this effect on the underside!

I have now decided on a new colour, Vomit Brown.

Having done a lot of the underside. I decided that the Vomit Brown was working and with a wash and a drybrush this could look quite good. I also tried out the scheme on some Epic Ork Bommerz to see what the effect would be like.

I decided to start on the wing.

As you can see from this next photograph I have painted a lot more of the top of the fuselage and the top of the wings. You can also see how I have been using some shades of Vomit Brown to avoid a totally uniform effect which I think works quite well.

This photograph shows the underside.

This is the cockpit. I do regret not doing a detailed cockpit, but originally I purchased this model for Epic as a super heavy bomber!

This is a photograph with more work done on the cockpit area. It will then be given an ink/paint wash, drybrushed and highlighted.

Getting there… for some reason (poor light) the colours are somewhat washed out in this photograph.

Having finished the base coat I gave the plane a wash consisting of Chestnut Ink, Scorched Brown paint (which helps remove the gloss of the ink) and some water to thin the wash down.

I am quite pleased with the end result. I was trying to get a rusty looking battered plane and I think that this paint job does do just that.

Notice how the tail fin is “missing”, I much prefer my version without the tail fin I think it makes the Fighter look meaner and nastier.

I have drybrushed the entire model to highlight the edges and reduce the mottling effect of the heavy wash I used.

I am quite pleased with the end result. I was trying to get a rusty looking battered plane and I think that this paint job does do just that.