FWD Model ‘B’ 4×4 truck

Imperial War Museum Duxford is a branch of the Imperial War Museum near Duxford in Cambridgeshire, and on a recent visit I was able to take a range of photographs of the aircraft and tanks on display.

In the Land Warfare Exhibit is a variety of vehicles and weapons from the Great War, including this FWD Model ‘B’ 4×4 truck.

FWD Model ‘B’ 4x4 truck

FWD was an American truck company. The FWD Model B was an American built four-wheel drive truck produced by the Four Wheel Drive Auto Company that saw widespread service with American and British forces during the First World War.

Artillery at Duxford

There are quite a few artillery pieces on display at the Imperial War Museum Duxford in their Land Warfare exhibit.

This is a German 7.7cm Field Gun from World War One.

The gun on the right is a British 18 pounder quick firing field gun. The one on the left an American M1917 75mm field gun, based on the British 18 pounder.

This is a German 21cm Heavy Howitzer or Mortar.

The 21 cm Mörser 10 (21 cm Mrs 10) was a heavy howitzer used by Germany in World War I (although classified as a mortar (Mörser) by the German military).

As well as the guns there was also a trench train. Well a British MM15 War Department Light Railways Motor Rail 40hp ‘Simplex’ Petrol Tractor to be precise.

For use on the two foot War Department Light Railway.

The War Department Light Railways were a system of narrow gauge trench railways run by the British War Department in World War I. Light railways made an important contribution to the Allied war effort in the First World War, and were used for the supply of ammunition and stores, the transport of troops and the evacuation of the wounded.

World War One Tanks

The Retronaut website has a great series of images of tanks from World War One in one of their recent blog posts.

World War One Tank

If you are thinking about making some scenery for games in this period, these photographs really do give you some interesting ideas.

There are a fair few images of damaged or immobilised tanks and so again useful guidance when making abandoned tanks as scenic pieces.

World War One Tank

Check out more images here.

If you want to see a fantastic looking demonstration game from World War One, then here are some photographs from Aly Morrison’s excellent game at GamesDay 2007.