Painting a Killa Kan

Killa Kans are smallish, bipedal walkers composed of a rickety, lightly armoured “kan” perched atop a pair of piston driven legs, and armed with a selection of ranged and close-combat weapons. Relatively primitive and weak by Ork standards, they are nonetheless fast and incredibly dangerous for their size, and one or two are more than a match for an Astra Militarum Sentinel walker.

These plastic Killa Kans were a christmas present many years ago…

The box provides for a mob of three plastic models all armed with different weapons.

In the box you get three plastic sprues, which allow you to make three plastic Killa Kan.

The last time I looked at these I had given them a wash of Devlan Mud, which is now no longer available… however a quick search means I can find alternatives.

I decided I might try and finish the models, however one of them had broken it’s buzzsaw. So that one was picked as one to try and finish first. Having fixed the buzzsaw I painted some parts of the model with Leadbelcher paint including the main saw.

I did some dry brushing of the model.

See the workbench feature on all three Killa Kans.

Shadows on the Killa Kans

Having given the Killa Kans a white undercoat, the next stage was to add shadows by spraying a black paint undercoat underneath the model.

The aim of this was that when I painted the base coat on to the models the black undercoat would “catch” any part of the base coat spray that missed and add shadows to the model.

I did add a little more black spray to the rear for the engines.

Undercoating the Killa Kans

I wanted to use a two colour undercoat for the Killa Kans. The first was a complete white undercoat.

This I hope will allow the base coat to adhere to the plastic model. The white really does bring out the detail in these models (compare to the plain plastic pictures).

This is the Killa Kan with the Rokkit Launcha and here is the rear view.

This is the Killa Kan with the Grotzooka.

This is the Killa Kan with Skorcha.

More soon.