Battlezone Fronteris Terrain

I have to say, I do like the Battlezone Fronteris Terrain which was announced on the Warhammer Community site.

This battlezone is designed to give you a range of new terrain for your battles on frontier worlds or to add a little bit more militaristic utility to your existing gaming tables. It includes STC Hab-Bunkers, a Landing Pad, Vox-Antenna, Auspex Shrine, plus a selection of stockades, and will soon be available as a complete battlezone and in a variety of smaller kits.

The new scenery looks very SF but much more functional than the gothic type terrain we have seen in previous releases.

This is something I would put on my shopping list.

Retiring a few projects

I was doing some clearing out of the garage and realised that in a plastic bag (of all things) were some old Ork scenery projects that I had started over a decade ago, but never got around to finishing off.

I did some hard thinking and decided that if I hadn’t finished them by now I was never going to finish them, so I threw them out. I did think that if I wanted to do some scenery it might be easier to just start again.

So which projects have I retired?

Well the first was the Ork Defence Line which was based on some Imperial scenery pieces I had got at a Games Day. I had built some scenery at GamesDay and came home with the bits. These I then decided to take apart and re-build them as an Ork Defence Line.

Another project I retired was the Ork Desert Fuel Depot which was part of an Ork Cities of Death project. I did nearly finish one Ork Desert Fort, however that one I am keeping. Having liked that I started another fort, I took an old DVD-R spindle tub and covered it in plasticard and strips of wood, as well as spare parts from Rhino and Land Raider kits. 

The final project I retired was the Stompa Gantry which was based on a broken toy crane.

I think part of the reason this was never finished was I never finished painting the Stompa!

Well I can always start these ideas again if I want to in the future, in the meantime I must try and get some of my exisiting collection painted and finished.

Building the Chicago Way

Though I still have to paint some models for The Chicago Way and make up the Shotgun House I bought at a recent show, I have been thinking about other potential buildings.

Looking over the film The Untouchables, which was the inspiration for the rules, has some nice shots of buildings.

Zooming in (click the images to see larger versions of the screen grabs) we can see the stye of buildings used in the film to represent the 1920s.


These are quite Victorian in style, which is why I might also use my Gaslamp Alley VSF buildings from Sarissa Precision.


4Ground already make a range of really nice buildings for The Chicago Way and they look really nice and appear to fit the game well. I already have one of the Shotgun Houses, but that is still on the workbench.

Shotgun House

I think there are other potential buildings from 4Ground that would also work well, especially some of those in the 28mm Gothic City range. I really like the Tenement building range and could see those as ideal background scenery for The Chicago Way games.

North Point Tenement 1

From other companies I have also been looking at Sarissa Precision, both their new retro American range and their City Block range.

Walking down Gaslamp Alley

One of recent purchases was a couple of Sarissa Precision buildings, Victorian brick buildings, part of their Gaslamp Alley range. I had bought the terrached house and the terraced shop. Here is the model from the Sarissa website.

Gaslamp Alley Terraced House

The Sarissa Precision models are laser cut MDF and come plain. I do quite like how the 4Ground models come pre-coloured and though I have few Sarissa Old West buildings, as these are made from wood, the plain MDF look works okay.

The Gaslamp Alley models are brick, so I originally decided when I was going to put mine together, I would paint them later. So when I read the instructions that it was suggested to paint the window frames and doors (which were etched onto card) and the walls before gluing them together, it meant I had to think quickly about how to paint the walls. The instructions did advise about doing it sparingly, my concern was that would the paint cover the eteching.

I took some Vallejo paint red brick colour and watered it down. I was quite apprehensive about the initial result, so had started with the chimney. However after it dried I was quite pleased with the final result.

Gaslamp Alley Terraced House

After the walls were dry I picked out some individual bricks with the unwatered down paint, and some varied brown paints.

Gaslamp Alley Terraced House

After this I painted all the walls. I wasn’t sure about the window frames, decided a wood effect would be okay, so I used a watered down brown paint and almost drybrushed it.

The model went together really easily, though with the way the walls fit to the floor, I wasn’t sure if I should fix the walls first and then put them in the floor. In the end I went with taking it one wall at a time, gluing it into the floor, and doing all four walls in one sitting, so that there was some movement whilst the glue was still wet.

Gaslamp Alley Terraced House

I was quite pleased with the end result.

Gaslamp Alley Terraced House

The building was much deeper than I thought it would be and also much bigger. I really like the model and am now looking forward to building the shop that I got at the same time. I am also adding the corner pub to my shopping list, and thinking I should get a bundle of the houses too, so I can have a proper street.

New Buildings for Flames of War

I see from the latest update to the Battlefront website, there is another subscription set of “premium” buildings released for Flames of War (but would probably also be fine for Team Yankee).

This year we are launching another limited range of Premium Buildings to add some unique centrepieces to your battlefield. Each building is designed to be characterful, yet fit in with the existing Battlefield in a Box range of buildings and houses.

There are six models, a steelworks factory, a set of ruined buildings, a clock tower, a café, an estate house and a damaged eastern church. Out of the six available, my two personal favourites are the manor house and the ruins.

The Ruined Building includes a large two-storey house and two smaller houses, with extensive shelling or bombing damage, perfect for a war torn 15mm urban battle zone.

The Ruined Building includes a large two-storey house and two smaller houses, with extensive shelling or bombing damage, perfect for a wartorn 15mm urban battle zone.

As for the Estate House, this stately home will work equally well as the centrepiece of country battlefield or as a grand home or municipal building in a town street.

This stately home will work equally well as the centrepiece of country battlefield or as a grand home or municipal building in a town street.

They are also going to re-release the manor house and the farm house and barn from the previous premium subscription deal they had. I always liked the manor house, so if I can get one (from retail).

Manor House

I also quite like the farmhouse and barn which I had not seen before.

Farm House & Barn

At £35 each they are not that cheap (well not compared to the houses deal I did subscribe to), if you order them all in advance at £175 then you get the damaged eastern church for free.

So are you going to subscribe to the deal?

British Normandy Village Defence

British armoured forces defend a Normandy Village under a counterattack from German Forces.

Churchill and Humber Armoured Cars

A Sherman Firefly takes cover, behind a small hill.

Sherman Firefly

The rest of the Sherman platoon starts to move forward.

The rest of the Sherman platoon starts to move forward

Models from Simon’s collection, scenery from mine.

15mm Normandy Village

More photographs of my 15mm Normandy Village for Flames of War.

You can imagine that this would be the view from the gun camera of an RAF ground attack Typhoon attempting to flush out some entrenched Germans. You can see I have used the outbuildings to complement the Flames of War Normandy houses.

Here is an overhead view of the buildings.

As well as Battlefront roads and houses, I also have in there some of the nice 4Ground laser etched wooden buildings.

15mm Normandy Village

I am quite pleased now with how much scenery I have now for 15mm Flames of War games.

As well as Battlefront roads and houses, I also have some nice 4Ground laser etched wooden buildings.

There are also K&M trees that are now quite old, but have stood the test of time, I think they must be nearly twenty tears old!

In addition and not shown in these pictures, mainly as they are not finished, are some Total Battle Miniatures 15mm ruins.

I look though at my grass tiles and think they are a little too bright, they might need some work in the future.