Ruined Factorum

I popped into my local newsagent to see if they had the latest issue of Wargames Illustrated in stock, which they did. I also saw they had the latest issue of the part work series Warhammer 40000 Imperium.

I usually see the first few issues of part works in the newsagents or at WHSmith, so was interested to see issue #31 in stock. I haven’t really been paying attention to this series, as partly at £8.99 a week can get expensive after a while, but also I have enough to paint, without buying more plastic. However I thought I would see what was “free” with his issue and I was quite intrigued to see they had a Ruined Factorum sprue.

So decided to pick the issue up for the plastic.

The Battlezone: Manufactorum – Sub-cloister and Storage Fane costs £37.50 at Games Workshop and contains two similar sprues. So at £8.99 you are making a saving of £9.76. The other sprue will be in issue 34.

Well the magazine, all twelve pages has a useful tutorial on painting the scenery. Along with a lot of other stuff which is probably useful if you have been collecting the whole part works, which I’m not, so not too useful.

The first stage will be to glue it together.