Deimos Pattern Predator

The Predator is perhaps the best known and most widespread variant of the basic Rhino chassis. Augmented with superior armour and firepower, it entirely sacrifices the Rhino’s troop transport capacity in favour of ammunition and generators for its formidable weapon systems. 

This Deimos Pattern Predator was on display at Warhammer World.

See the Deimos Pattern Predator Miniatures Gallery.

See the workbench feature on the Deimos Pattern Predator Battle Tank.

Legion Dreadnought Drop Pod

This Legion Dreadnought Drop Pod was on display at Warhammer World.

Legion Dreadnought drop pods are larger than the general service drop pods employed by the infantry of the Legiones Astartes, with a sturdier frame and more powerful engine designed to support the formidable machine shell of a Dreadnought. As a result, these armoured capsules strike with unprecedented speed, making a dangerously meteoric descent from orbit to deliver their lethal cargo. Legions value these drop pods both for their ability to deploy Dreadnoughts safely onto the battlefield, and for the sheer impact of a mighty combat walker arriving from the skies.

Land Raider Proteus

There were various Land Raider Proteus models on display at Warhammer World.

Land Raider Proteus

Mechanicus tech-savants believe that the Land Raider Proteus is a precursor to the Phobos pattern vehicle now found amongst the armouriums of the Adeptus Astartes. Bulkier and faster than the Phobos, ancient and forgotten data-looms describe the Proteus as a forward assault vehicle, commonly fielded in Explorator missions during the dawning days of Mankind’s fledgling galactic empire.

Land Raider Proteus

Those of us who have been playing Warhammer 40K since it was first released will recognise this model. It is of course a new version of the original Land Raider that was released back in 1987 following the release of the 1st edition of Warhammer 40,000, Rogue Trader. Forge World did release a resin version over ten years ago and this is the model on display above.

There was also this variant Proteus with armoured hull mounted dual lascannons on display made from the new plastic kit.

Land Raider Proteus

This variant can be made from the Horus Heresy plastic kit.

It is similar to the armoured Proteus which was announced back at Games Day 2011. However it is missing the sponsons.

Land Raider Proteus Miniatures Gallery

Voss Pattern Lightning Strike Fighter

This Voss Pattern Lightning Strike Fighter was on display at Warhammer World.

Following the Saint-Saen Crusade’s liberation of twelve worlds in the Segmentum Obscurus, STC patterns were recovered for an air superiority fighter, smaller and more agile than the iconic Thunderbolt. The Lightning has since been disseminated to other worlds with strong ties to the Imperial Navy, notably Bakka and Hydraphur, and production has recently begun within the Segmentum Solar, resulting in the Voss Pattern Lightning Strike Fighter.

The ‘Strike’ variant of the Lightning is equipped with a potent armament of six Hellstrike missiles as well as its twin-linked lascannon, fulfilling a dedicated ground attack role.

Deimos Vindicator Laser Destroyer

This Legiones Astartes Ultramarines Deimos Vindicator Laser Destroyer was on display in the cabinets at Warhammer World.

The Vindicator laser destroyer array is a devastating weapon, capable of unleashing a torrent of laser energy that can tear through the armor of even the heaviest enemy vehicles. It was first fitted to the heavily armored Deimos pattern Vindicator chassis during the dark days of the Horus Heresy, when several Legions fielded this variant as a mainline battle tank. The Vindicator laser destroyer proved itself to be an able tank hunter, time and again destroying enemy tanks and other armored vehicles with ease.

After the Horus Heresy, the Vindicator laser destroyer array remained in service with Space Marine Chapters. It is still used today, and remains one of the most feared anti-tank weapons in the Imperium’s arsenal. Vindicator laser destroyer arrays are often deployed to support infantry units, providing them with the firepower they need to break through enemy armor and fortifications.

Ultramarines Xiphon Pattern Interceptor

This Xiphon Pattern Interceptor flown by the Ultramarines was on display at Warhammer World.

Ultramarines Xiphon Pattern Interceptor

With unparalleled speed and manoeuvrability, the Xiphon pattern Interceptor saw increasing service in the Legiones Astartes during the dark days of the Horus Heresy. Based on ancient designs, the void and atmospheric craft carried heavy armaments into battle, allowing it to destroy both air and ground targets with apparent ease. Its pair of twin-linked lascannon and Xiphon rotary missile launcher combined with the Interceptor’s speed and agility to make it a deadly opponent from which the enemies of Mankind could not hide.

Xiphon Pattern Interceptor in the Miniatures Gallery

Mark IIb Land Raider

This Mark IIb Land Raider was on display at Warhammer World in the Battle of Signus Prime diorama.

This is one of my favourite Forge World models.

The Mark IIb Land Raider Phobos is one of the earliest marks of the standard pattern of Land Raider, and it still bears similarities to both the Land Raider Proteus and the Spartan Assault Tank that served as the models for the design. The Mark IIb Land Raider Phobos is the only pattern of the standard Land Raider Phobos that uses the older armoured sponsons, as they do not allow the weapons they hold to fully rotate. This pattern of Land Raider is mostly extinct within Space Marine Armouries, having been replaced with newer marks and patterns of the standard Land Raider Phobos. However, some Chapters may still possess one or two as treasured relics of their ancient past.

MkIIb Land Raider Miniatures Gallery.

My own MkIIb Land Raider on the workbench. When I first started putting this force together I knew that if I was going to get a Land Raider it would have to be the Forgeworld MkIIB Land Raider.

Sadly the model is now no longer available from Forge World.

Mastodon Heavy Assault Transport

The Mastodon was one of the heaviest assault transports in the arsenal of the Legiones Astartes during the Great Crusade, and is still found in the armouries of the Space Marine Chapters of the 41st Millenium. Its cavernous assault bay, capable of housing almost half a Company, is protected both by thick layers of ceramite armour as well as crackling void shields. It also mounts a fearsome siege melta array, allowing it to breach even the most formidable defences with ease, as well as an array of secondary weaponry intended to defend the vehicle as it approaches its target. Unleashed only against the most fearsome of enemy redoubts, there are few obstacles that can stay the wrath of this relic of the Imperium’s bloody birth.

These Mastodon transports were on display at Warhammer World in the Battle of Signus Prime diorama.

The Mastodon is heavily armed and armoured, carrying 40 Space Marines, and even Dreadnoughts, safely to the heart of battle. Whilst embarked, the warriors within will defend their immense transport, turning the sponson weapons on any enemy brave or foolish enough to come close. It’s Siege melta array can easily destroy fortifications, and makes short work of armoured vehicles, whilst its Skyreaper Battery will tear through any airborne threat with ease.

Typhon Heavy Siege Tank

This Typhon Heavy Siege Tank was on display at Warhammer World in the Battle of Signus Prime diorama.

Typhon Heavy Siege Tank

Named for the ‘Great Beast’ of Ancient Terran myth, the immense Typhon Heavy Siege Tank was developed by the Mechanicum alongside the Spartan, with which it shares a basic chassis design.

This is the Forge World resin version of the Typhon Heavy Siege Tank which was released and available before the current Horus Heresy plastic kit.

I really like this model and I think it is one of the better Land Raider variant designs.

I have the plastic kit version of the Typhon Heavy Siege Tank on my workbench.

Typhon Heavy Siege Tank Miniatures Gallery.