LE1 Citadel Limited Edition Space Orc

Yes that title is correct this is the original limited edition SpaceĀ OrcĀ (not Ork) that was released in the 1980s (think it was 1985) on display at Warhammer World. This was the first limited edition (hence LE1) and arrived before the Space Marine LE2.

Space Orc

Here is a photograph of my model, which I bought and painted in the 1980s.

Space Orc

Flintloque Orc Davy Crockett

This was one of those limited edition Flintloque miniatures, an Orc Davy Crockett. He did have an Orcish version of the name, but I can’t recall it, and that Google has been no help! I think back when Flintloque was released there was talk of doing some kind of Fantasy Alamo, and that this miniature was going to be the first of a range.