Ork Glyphs

I was looking through a box of sprues when I found some Ork glyphs. I thought these would be useful for attaching to vehicles. I also thought it would be easier to paint them on the sprue rather than attaching them to the Ork vehicles whilst constructing them, and then painting them in situ.

I also found some Orc Warrior shields and motifs, which again I thought would work on my Ork vehicles.

The glyphs here are from the Ork Trukk plastic kit, whilst the shields are from the fantasy Orc Warriors set, which I have been using to model some Feral Ork Warriors. 

I decided to leave them on the sprues to make them easier to paint and to then affix them to the final model.

I gave the sprues a white undercoat.

Here are the shields.

I then used a range of paints to for the base coats, using mainly contrast paints.

The Ork “teef” were painted with Ushabti Bone and then highlighted with White Scar.

The Evil Sunz symbols were painted with Blood Angels Red and Imperial Fist.

I did find some more glyphs, so started to paint them in the same way.

I used slightly different colours.

Here are the glyphs attached various Wartrakks and my Ork Looted Rhino.

Here is the Ork Aircraft Traktor.

For this Grot Bomb Launcha vehicle I added a glyph to the front and the back.

I attached my other green glyph to a Wartrakk.

I attached two to the big turret on my Ork Looted Rhino.

I will do some more of these for other vehicles I have.

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