Ork Trukk with Krooz Missilz

Ork Trukk with Krooz Missulz (aka an Orkish version of the Imperial Deathstrike Missile Launcher, but why not use the Krooz Missulz rules for the Mega-Gargent.

This is a very simple conversion that I did a fair few years ago.

The model is built using a Flakwagon base, a firing platform from a Pulsa Rokitt and the Krooz Missulz? Well it’s a 40k scale Fighta-Bommer Missile.

Forge World Ork Trukk with Enclosed Cab

Having taken the parts our of the bag and washed the resin pieces of the Forge World Ork Trukk with Enclosed Cab the next stage was to start putting it together.

The resin cab is basically one piece to which the smaller parts fit very easily.

I decided to construct the flatbed with the sides up.

The chassis was constructed as per the instructions, though like my other Trukk as I had spare wheels I gave the model all rounded wheels rather than the mix that comes as standard with the kit.

Another view.

I do really like how different this kit (and the wheels) this makes the Ork Trukk look. As a result I won’t have a consistent style of Ork Trukk, just a ramshackle series of vehicles that may have a common heritage, but look all cobbled together from whatever was lying about in the Mek’s workshop.

See the full workbench feature on the Forge World Ork Trukk with Enclosed Cab.

Forge World Ork Trukk with Enclosed Cab


This model was one of the many new Ork models released by Forge World in 2009.

Designed by Will Hayes and Phil Stutcinskas. (a hybrid resin and plastic model using the Ork Trukk kit). —The model makes for a great alternative for your Trukk fleet as well as an excellent base for your own conversions. Its enclosed cab can also be used to represent the Armour Plates upgrade on a trukk.

This Trukk model also includes a folding platform at the rear. This in my opinion is much better than the plastic platform included with the plastic kit.


You also get the very thin Trukk box with two sprues, transfers and instructions.



See the full workbench feature on the Forge World Ork Trukk with Enclosed Cab

Basecoating another Trukk Flatbed

Basecoated the flatbed of another of my Ork Trukks. This time with Humbrol Dark Brown.

This flatbed is kept simple, unlike my other Trukk. The flatbed was kept simple, no sides, no rollbars and no ramps. I do quite like how this looks, fast and speedy.

Here is how the Trukk looks with a Kannon.

See the workbench feature on this Ork Trukk.