Revisiting the Ork Trukk

Trukks are designed to transport mobs of choppa-wielding Boyz into combat as quickly as possible.  The original Ork Trukk model was designed for Gorkamorka, and then became part of Warhammer 40K with Codex Orks. It was really way too small and needed to be updated, and updated it was back in January 2008 with the release of the new Ork Trukk.

The model was constructed as per the instructions, Generally I try and build as much of the model as possible to avoid having to glue painted parts together.

The chassis was painted black and the flatbed was given a green spray.

The flatbed has the side armour and broading ramps.

I gave the flatbed a wash, however I actually ran out of wash before I managed to finish it.

I need to finish off the shading of the flatbed.

See how I made the Trukk.

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