One can dream…

So over the last week we have had Warhammer Fest Online.

Last weekend as I looked over the list of live shows, it was apparent to me that what I was most interested in was, would there be new Orks for Warhammer 4000, what would be revealed on Thursday for the boxed games and what would be the BIG mystery on Saturday.

Well we found out on Saturday that the mystery was a new edition of Age of Sigmar.

I am guessing exciting for players of Age of Sigmar, for me not so much.

I was hoping we would see the return of the Old World and Warhammer. We know from previous reveals that this was in the works and I am intrigued to see what this new (old) game looks like and what the models will be like, especially as we have seen massive jumps in model detail and development since the end of Warhammer back in 2015.

I was secretly hoping that we would see a relaunch of Epic in the (new) Adeptus Titanicus scale, but that was a far out dream… Well one can dream….

Saurus Scar-Veteran on Carnosaur

Saurus Scar-Veteran on Carnosaur at Warhammer World.

Disciplined beyond fault, trained to make unerring decisions in the heat of battle, Saurus Scar-Veterans are great champions of the seraphon. Always found where the fighting is at its most intense, their ferocity and tenacity are an inspiration to to massed ranks of seraphon that follow them. Far from mere berserkers, Scar-Veterans demonstrate an impressively cool temperament, choosing their battles relatively carefully. They ride mighty Carnosaurs, whose maws are lined with teeth as large and sharp as swords; these enormous saurian horrors are enough to decimate entire enemy armies.

Blood Red Skies Digital Edition

Today, Warlord Games announced Blood Red Skies Digital Edition, a WW2 action-packed aerial combat strategy title for PC based on the tabletop game by Andy Chambers of Warhammer 40k / Battlefleet Gothic fame.

The game is being developed under licence by games industry veterans Diecast Digital. “We are tremendously excited to bring the exceptional Blood Red Skies gaming experience to digital platforms in collaboration with Warlord Games and the supremely talented Andy Chambers. The team has ambitious plans for the title and we can’t wait to get it into the hands of players”, said Ash Colclough, Diecast Digital’s Co-Founder and Managing Director.

“In Diecast Digital we have found a partner who shares our passion for this game and the ability to produce a gaming experience that will excite and delight existing Blood Red Skies miniature game players as well as introducing the brand to fans of WWII digital gaming”: added John Stallard, CEO and Owner of Warlord Games.

For more information about the Blood Red Skies Digital Edition see

Top Ten Blog Posts 2020

As with  the end of 2019, in 2020,  I went at writing and posting much more, and this year I published 436 blog posts. In 2019 I did 143 blog posts. Compare that to 2018 when I wrote just 21 blog posts.

I did a lot more modelling and painting in 2020 and was pleased with getting quite a few models finished or nearly finished.

Here are my top ten blog posts in reverse order. As is typical most posts are from previous years, however what was nice to see was that the top post (no spoilers) was from 2020.

The tenth most popular post was from 2009 and was about my disappointment with the Shrine of The Aquila scenery.

Shrine of The Aquila

Since then GW have released many more army specific scenery kits.

Ninth was an old post from 2007 about an Ork Army Box.

Ork Army Box, Deal or No Deal

A really old post from 2005 was in eighth place, it was about a new piece of scenery, a downed Valkyrie flyer from Forge World.

Downed Valkyrie

The first of a few posts from 2020 was the seventh most popular post. It was about the Land Rover Half=Track.

Laird Land Rover Centaur Half Track

Sixth was the post on Forge World’s 2010 Show Only model, an Ork Runt Bot and Grot.

Ork Runt Bot and Grot

I really quite liked the new Snotlings team for Bloodbowl which was revealed in April 2020. This was the fifth most popular post on the blog.

Bloodbowl Snotlings

The HUGE Tau Manta was the focus of the fourth post in this top ten,

Tau Manta

The third post was about the Ork Battlewagon Upgrade Pack

Ork Battlewagon Upgrade Pack

The top post in 2019 dropped to second.

Dwarf City under attack

Actually quite pleased that the post at number one for 2020 was from July 2020 and was a lengthy post about possible future models for Aeronautica Imperialis.

What next for Aeronautica Imperialis?

Overall I was pleased with the amount of blogging that I did in 2020, I liked the fact that two of the posts I enjoyed writing and liked were in the top ten. I did post a fair few photographs from a visit to Warhammer World that I made in January 2020 pre-lockdown, as well as photographs from a visit in 2018, as well as photographs from Duxford, RAF Cosford and Bovington. However due to the lockdown in 2020 I dind’t visit any musuems or go to any shows. So that will probably mean less posting in 2021.

New Aeronautica Ground Assets on pre-order

The ground assets for Aeronautica Imperialis that reflect the forces in the Skies of Fire boxed set and the Taros Air War campaign are now available to pre-order from Forge World.

Unlike the previous release of ground assets which was a plastic kit, these are resin models from Forge World.

For the Astra Militarum there will be a Hydra Flak Battery, a Basilisk anti-aircraft emplacement and a really nice sturdy refuelling station to represent as an objective.

The T’au weapons are the KV 126 Skyfire Platform and the KV 129 Stormfury Platform, and there is a nice T’au Air Caste communications tower as well.

Each set consists of the three models and are £22 each and are available to pre-order now.

Green Grot Tank

This is another one of my Forge World Grot Tanks.

I bought these ten years ago and I built them quite quickly and then they were undercoated. However for most of the next ten years they were kept in a box. In the last few months though, I got an itch and decided to finish them.

Here is one of the four that I have. The model was painted with a a basecoat using a spray can of Chieftain Green, and the tracks with Gorthor Brown.

This one always looks a bit like a Sherman so thought it worked well.

The model was then given various shades and washes before being slightly drybrushed.

See the workbench feature on this Grot Tank.

New Aeronautica Ground Assets

We will be getting some more ground assets for Aeronautica Imperialis that reflect the forces in the Skies of Fire boxed set and the Taros Air War campaign.

This was announced on the Warhammer Community site, and it looks like we will be getting the following new models.

For the Astra Militarum there will be a Hydra Flak Battery, a Basilisk anti-aircraft emplacement and a really nice sturdy refuelling station to represent as an objective.

The Hydra makes sense, not so sure about using the Basilisk as an anti-aircraft weapon, well then why not if you need to blow one of those Ork Air Waaagh! Mega Bommers out of the sky.

I quite like the T’au weapons, which includes the KV 126 Skyfire Platform and the KV 129 Stormfury Platform.

These are really nice models.

I like the T’au Air Caste communications tower as well which can be used, like the refuelling station as an objective.

As per usual no release date, but I am expecting it available to pre-order around the 20th November if other releases are anything to go by.

If Games Workshop ever went down turning Adeptus Titanicus into a fully fledged Epic style game with infantry and tanks and Xenos races, then the T’au would be a really tempting force to buy.

Bolt Action Battlefield Debris

So got an e-mail from Warlord Games today and there at the end was news about these marvellous little pieces of scenery.

Bolt Action Battlefield Debris

Perhaps your Squad has pulled furniture from a damaged building, forming a make-shift barricade or you want to add some interior detail to you abandoned houses, the new Battlfield scatter terrain set gives you an awful lot of new casts to work with, including damaged walls, furniture and the option to build the formiddable ‘rosa sessel’ makeshift barricade known to be used to great effect in many scenarios here at Warlord HQ.

In the box you get hard plastic walls, furniture, a checkpoint, oh and a guard dog!

I think what caught my eye was the sofa and armchair. I could see them on my Operation Sealion battles where the Home Guard have quickly pulled out stuff from their homes and built a barricade.

I really like the models and though I think it’s a little pricey at £49.99 they look like they will really add to my (future) games of Bolt Action.

Available for pre-order, but I couldn’t see a release date.