Ruined Factorum

This is the Ruined Factorum sprue from the Warhammer Imperium part work, issue #31.

The model has two pieces, a larger ruined building and a smaller ruined corner.

The larger ruined building has five parts. Two walls, two floor pieces and a skull Cog Mechanicum symbol. I really do like the thick plastic they use on these kinds of models, gives them real heft and weight.

The first stage is to affix the skull Cog Mechanicum symbol to the round hole in the wall.

Then glue the two walls together, letting it dry before adding the floors.

The other side.

The smaller corner piece has two parts and they fit together easily.

The other side.

The walls look like metal rather than stone. This has got me thinking about how to paint the model.

The next stage was a white undercoat. I used a can of Corax White Spray.

I then gave the model by a spray of Mechanicus Standard Grey Spray.

I used Humbrol Tank Grey 67 spray to give the underfloor a darker feel before giving the model a Mechanicus Standard Grey Spray.

Here is the smaller corner piece.

I gave the model a wash of Nuln Oil Shade.

Once the model was dry I drybrushed the model. I first used some Dawnstone Dry Paint and then a lighter drybrush of Terminatus Stone.

These photographs don’t really show the finished model, so I think I will need to retake them. This one taken with a phone does show off the drybrushing much better.