Haemotrope Reactor

After picking up a copy of Warhammer Imperium with a Ruined Factorum I did start thinking about whether to get some future issues. I was less interested the figures, but was curious about what scenery models were in the series.

I did review previous issues and there were three issues with containers! I have a box of the Munitorum Armoured Containers so was less interested in these.

Looking over the previous issues, issue 27 had a Haemotrope Reactor.

Designed and deployed to provide additional power on the battlefield, the Haemotrope Reactor is an indispensable tool for armies wishing to unleash ever-more destructive waves of plasma upon their enemies. An imposing structure, understood fully by few, it is used to bolster the defensive capabilities of the Void Shield Generator – or amplify the already intimidating destructive capacity of the Plasma Obliterator. In a pinch, the Haemotrope Reactor can be used as cover; this can be a terrible decision however, as the cowering warrior opens himself up to the potential of horrific injuries resulting from power leaks…

I managed to pick up a back issue of this from Forbidden Planet.

You only get one of the reactors and it is contained on one sprue. The sprue has fifteen parts.

I really do like the thick plastic they use on these kinds of models, gives them real heft and weight. The model goes together quite easily.

The instructions do provide advice on which parts to leave to dry before continuing the build. I made the mistake of removing parts 11a, 11b and 11c whereas the instructions were clear to do each part individually and affix it to the model, before moving onto the next piece. So I had to guess where they went.

The reverse of the model.

I gave the model a white undercoat.

Haemotrope Reactor