The Mid-War Monsters are back

We are seeing the return of the Mid-War Monsters for Flames of War. Though we’re not seeing new models (yet) we are seeing a re-release of the original monsters.

I like my TOG tanks, which I got when the Mid-War Monsters were originally released.

Though I still haven’t finished them, as you can see on the workbench.

The Tank, Heavy, TOG 2 was a prototype British super-heavy tank design produced in the early part of the Second World War in case the battlefields of northern France turned into a morass of mud, trenches and craters as had happened during the First World War.

In the end it never went into production, but as part of the Flames of War Mid-War Monsters range you can buy it and use it in alternate history games. I liked the concept and the model on the Flames of War website is quite inspiring.

Hopefully they are popular enough, that we get to see more of them, maybe some Early-War Monsters and some Late-War Monsters as well.

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