Kingdom of Britannia Illustrious Class Sky Fortress

High above the waves the Illustrious Class Sky Fortress grace­fully glides into battle, held aloft by six gigantic manoeuvring rotors and the Royal Engineering Corps’ most advanced Sturginium Gravitation Generators. But do not let the majes­tic soaring fool you, this is a beast born for war, with a host of deadly and devastating weapons that it brings to the fight. It can pummel you with turret fire while deadly squadrons of fighters and fighter bombers launch, ready to bring even more death and destruction to the fray. Illustrious is the name of this model, but its enemies may perhaps rename it to Infamous once they’ve felt its wrath in battle.

This is how it looks from the marketing material.

The model itself comes in a blister.

The first stage will be washing the resin model and giving it a white undercoat.

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