Legions Imperialis Solar Auxilia

Over on the Warhammer Community site they have showcased Legions Imperialis miniatures painted by community painters.

One force caught my eye, and it was a Solar Auxilia force painted by Gadge.

Legions Imperialis models are incredibly detailed despite being in epic scale, so it’s really important not to lose this detail with overly thick paint or too many layers. Drybrushing and Contrast paints are the key to this ‘sand and spinach’ scheme that will look good on both desert and temperate battlefields. I started off with a base coat of Zandri Dust Spray undercoat, which was drybrushed up with Flayed One Flesh, where the tonal difference helps pick out every hatch and rivet. To avoid swamping the model with excessive paint, I used Creed Camo Contrast paint to apply the camouflage bands and blotches, as the translucent quality of Contrast paint allows the existing highlights on the base coat to surface. Other parts were painted variously with Black Legion, Blue Horror, and Evil Sunz Scarlet, before being outlined lightly with Agrax Earthshade. Lastly, I applied weathering by giving the tracks a light drybrush with Terminatus Stone, before dipping a brush in Ratling Grime, wiping most of it off, and dabbing it all over any areas where I felt the tanks would be either well-oiled or getting in contact with a lot of grime – the vents, grills, gun barrels, and wheels.

I did like the scheme and it reminded me of the Aeronautica Imperialis Valkyrie Assault Carriers that I painted.

I think I might use the same scheme and process on any Legions Imperialis Solar Auxilia I get.

See the Aeronautica Imperialis Valkyrie Assault Carriers workbench.

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