Hovels Church

I’ve mentioned some 1/200th or 10mm Hovels Ruins on the blog before. I found the other day the church that I bought at the same time.

Hovels Church

This has been undercoated black, and partly painted grey.

Hovels Church

I will now take the opportunity to repaint it for Flames of War. Though obviously smaller than the 15mm or 1/100th scale of Flames of War, I think it will work fine as a background piece of scenery.

15mm Ruined Shop with Passage

Though not quite where I want the 15mm Ruined Shop with Passage, I wanted to check that the process I was planning or my 15mm buildings was going to look effective, so I gave the ruined end of the model a a wash of Citadel Shade: Agrax Earthshade.

I am quite pleased with the end result with using the wash, the roof tiles look a lot better, as I did that that the Terracotta was a little too bright when I first painted the roof that colour.

15mm Ruined Café

I painted the front area of the Total Battle Miniatures 15mm Ruined Café. For this part of the model I decided to try out the Citadel Texture paint, Astrogranite.

I am not that impressed. It did cover fine, but not sure if the “texture” adds anything. I am not too worried as I don’t acrtually expect to use that part of the model that much.

15mm Roof Tiles

I did think about how to paint the roof of my Total Battle Miniatures ruined row of three houses, in the end I thought that terracotta tiles would look very effective, probably more so than slate. So I gave the roof tiles a basecoat of Citadel Terracotta.

Looking at the Total Battle Miniatures photograph, I might repaint the “complete” roof with grey slate.

Ruined row of three houses

The next stage will be a dark wash.