Star Wars Legion Boxed Set

Something I have been thinking about getting for a while now was the Fantasy Flight Games Star Wars Legion boxed core set. So I was well pleased to get it for Christmas.

Star Wars Legion Boxed Set

Epic warfare is an inescapable part of the Star Wars™ universe, and you can lead your troops to victory with Star Wars: Legion™, a two-player miniatures game of thrilling infantry battles in the Star Wars universe!

As a miniatures game, Star Wars: Legion invites you to enter the ground battles of the Galactic Civil War as the commander of a unique army filled with troopers, powerful vehicles, and iconic characters. While innovative mechanics for command and control simulate the fog of war and the chaos of battle, the game’s unpainted, easily assembled figures give you a canvas to create any Star Wars army you can imagine.

This set contains thirty-three beautifully sculpted, easily assembled figures (including Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader, Rebel  Troopers, Stormtroopers, an AT-RT, and 74-Z Speeder Bikes) which invite you to play as the Galactic Empire or the Rebel Alliance.

The miniatures are lovely, but I was expecting them to be a slightly harder plastic than they were, the light sabres were a little bendy for my liking… I was slightly disappointed that they weren’t ready painted (as the X-Wing models are), but not too surprised. They are. nice scale as well, not too tall.

Doing some Google searching I have found some lovely terrain, alas in the US, but also a Revell AT-AT Walker at 1/53rd scale is probably just about right for the game.

Revell AT-AT Walker

I was thinking of more for scenery than an actual fighting machine.

There are plenty of options open for playing games in terms of terrain, from the snow of Hoth, to the forest moon of Endor. As I really like the Rogue One film, I am thinking of doing in the first instance the tropical beaches of Scarif.

I have been reading the rules, but only really skimming them for the moment. I really like the X-Wing rules from FFG so am expecting something along those lines. I might though adapt something like Dead Man’s Hand or even my own skirmish rules, which I wrote for a couple of magazine articles back in the 1990s.

Hovels Church

I’ve mentioned some 1/200th or 10mm Hovels Ruins on the blog before. I found the other day the church that I bought at the same time.

Hovels Church

This has been undercoated black, and partly painted grey.

Hovels Church

I will now take the opportunity to repaint it for Flames of War. Though obviously smaller than the 15mm or 1/100th scale of Flames of War, I think it will work fine as a background piece of scenery.

15mm Ruined Shop with Passage

Though not quite where I want the 15mm Ruined Shop with Passage, I wanted to check that the process I was planning or my 15mm buildings was going to look effective, so I gave the ruined end of the model a a wash of Citadel Shade: Agrax Earthshade.

I am quite pleased with the end result with using the wash, the roof tiles look a lot better, as I did that that the Terracotta was a little too bright when I first painted the roof that colour.

15mm Ruined Café

I painted the front area of the Total Battle Miniatures 15mm Ruined Café. For this part of the model I decided to try out the Citadel Texture paint, Astrogranite.

I am not that impressed. It did cover fine, but not sure if the “texture” adds anything. I am not too worried as I don’t acrtually expect to use that part of the model that much.