Urban Basing Kit

There are some gaming things I buy which I later think, why on earth did I buy that! Then there are gaming things I buy which I now wish I had bought at least five times rather than just the once!

One of those things is the Urban Basing Kit which was released as part of Cities of Death. The box set contains 2 pots of slate, 2 pots of resin details and 1 pot of razorwire that can be used to decorate the bases of your miniatures or cityfight buildings. It was a limited edition and though since then Games Workshop have released a Warhammer 40k Basing Kit, personally I don’t think it is as good as the original urban basing kit.
I would have bought five, but they were very difficult to get hold of, and when I did find them, the shop only had one left…

I have used the kit with various models, but for a workbench feature on my website I have been photographing a 60mm and a 40mm base. Having added some resin and slate, I added modelling sand to change and vary the texture of the base.


The 60mm base I am intending to use with an Ork Killa Kan.

60mm base

Read the full workbench feature.

Old Terrain Tiles from 1990 or thereabouts…

In my garage (as I suspect is the case with many gamers) is a load of old gaming stuff. Much of the good quality stuff has been sold on eBay, however in a box is one of my first terrain experiments for 6mm games.

I was once inspired by an article from Miniature Wargames issue #13 in which a gamer had described how he created some superb WWII terrain tiles. Taking his cue, and using 10mm cork tiles I created a series of 6mm terrain tiles with hills, hedges and roads.

Incorporating cork bark, some of the hills had rocky features. The “grass” was flocked and then painted (to keep it in place) and then drybrushed.

It worked well except for one major flaw!

Some of the cork tiles warped making it very unuseable. Eventually they were replaced with commercial flocked tiles.