Aeronautical Imperialis at Warhammer World

With the release of Legion Imperialis, we saw the retirement of Aeronautical Imperialis. Well a Horus Heresy version of the game was retained.

In the display cabinets at Warhammer World there were a few Ork Aeronautical Imperialis models on display.

In the Ork Air Waaagh! on display, was the huge Forge World Mega Bommer, some Dakkajets, and a Grot Bommer.

There was also a Grot Bommer.

Alongside the Orks were some of the Tau models.

I really like the Aeronautical Imperialis models and have a fair few Ork models on my workbench. It’s a pity it has been retired and we’re not going to see any new Xenos models for a while.

See the Aeronautical Imperialis Miniatures Gallery.

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