Kil Krusha Tank

This was of the first Forge World ork models when I went “wow”.

Rolling onto the battlefields of the 41st millennium for the first time is our new Kill Krusha ‘Eavy Tank for the Orks. This fearsome model is a huge full resin super-heavy tank kit for the Orks, and is designed by Daren Parrwood with crew by Mark Bedford. The intricate detail on this model really has to be seen to be believed, and it includes some incredible interior work as you can see Here as well as one Ork tank ‘Kommanda’ three Grots (and a Squig!) as crew. This giant tank is a combination of the Ork`s love of speed and violence, with overcharged engines to launch it across the battlefield (well most of the time), and a main ‘Kannon’ able to fire a number of different shell types to rain carnage down on their enemies.

The model is a realisation of the many different concept images that Forge World produced for Ork tanks.

I realised that I hadn’t taken a picture of the huge box of resin you get for this kit… I started, following the instructions, constructed the main armament and turret.

I didn’t though glue in the gun crew as I decided to paint them separately.

There is lots of lovely detail in this turret assembly, alas most of it won’t be seen as it will be covered by the top of the turret and the rear of the superstructure.

The hull went together quite easily. I had a little warpage that I did manage to correct without too much trouble or effort.

There was a fair bit of flash to clean off the parts especially the casting sprues which were in many cases quite thick. I did make one mistake in cutting of the waste sprue on the bottom plate I did manage to cut off the ridges where some of the suspension would be attached. Oops.

Top view showing internal detail.

The top of the turret went together very easily, fitting the two weapons and the Ork commander.

The suspension looks quite complicated, but thanks to the clear instructions it was quite easy to fit it all together. The tracks unlike the Big Trakk are only in four pieces, two of which lie on the bottom under the wheels.

The tracks do need to be fixed more securely to the leading and trailing wheels.

I then placed the tracks to check the fit and any potential gaps.

It was clear that the driving wheel would need to be placed carefully to ensure a snug fit for the tracks.

I also checked that the turret fitted.

Compare the size between the Kil Krusha and the Big Trakk.

At this point I fixed the tracks in place.

I added a few more details to the main weapon and turret.

The secondary turret also had the final pieces added to it including the periscope.

The next stage was adding the engines. There are two engines, one on each side.

I also added the “teef” to the front of the tank.

The next stage was adding the drive shafts to each side. This is quite a complicated part of the model and it’s worth taking the time with a couple of dry runs before gluing them into place.

The model was given a white undercoat.

I gave the main weapon a spray of grey.

I also sprayed the internals of the tank with the grey spray.

There was some overspray, but not a huge amount.