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Hello again, and welcome to the latest issue of the Forge World Newsletter.

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In this issue of the Forge World Newsletter there are several new models that we`ll be showcasing as well as news on their imminent release. What`s more, we also have news on the release of all the other shiny, new models we’ve been teasing you with these last few weeks: They are all available to pre-order right now! See below for details.

It`s been a while since we talked about `Aeronautica Imperialis`, our new aerial combat game. No further news this time except that the waiting will soon be over. Watch this space…


Ewen Little.
Forge World.

Return of the Thudd Gun

Today, one of the most famous artillery pieces in the Warhammer 40,000 universe makes a welcome return to Imperial Guard armies: The Imperial Thudd Gun. Also known as the Quad-Launcher, the Thudd Gun is one of the lighter pieces of field artillery still in Imperial service and is essentially four mortars mounted on a towed carriage. The model itself is surprisingly large with four squat barrels out front and a huge breech assembly at the back. A big, heavy carriage similar to the Imperial Heavy Mortar released a few weeks ago supports the gun while a small shield covers the elevation mechanism and axle. A big `Well done!` to Will Hayes here: This is a real artillery piece. Big, ugly, heavy, and workman-like.

Thudd Gun

As massive users of artillery, the Death Korps of Krieg still field many batteries of Thudd Guns, sometimes grouping them together into much larger formations so as to completely devastate enemy positions prior to the inevitable overwhelming infantry assault. To aid in building the Heavy Support sections of your Death Korps army, almost everybody in the Forge World Studio have worked together and made a complete set of Death Korps Thudd Gun Crew which really are very nice.

If you don’t collect Death Korps of Krieg yet, (There are a few of you still futilely resisting. Give in now, it`s for the best.), I don’t think it would take very much work at all to convert plastic Cadian or Catachan heavy weapon crew or infantry to make your own, unique set of Thudd Gun crew.

Warwick has also kindly let us have a set of experimental rules for using Thudd Guns in Imperial Guard armies, these can be downloaded as a .pdf file here.

Chaos in Command

Three great little models here, Chaos Renegade Tank Crew. These chaps will fit neatly into the cupolas of ex-Imperial armoured vehicles as shown, and with four separate arms there is quite a bit of flexibility to create some characterful poses before you even consider mixing them with other arms and weapons from the FW and GW ranges of models.

Now I know that Mark Bedford has sculpted these models as Chaos Renegades, but take a closer look Imperial collectors. With just a hint of conversion, these guys would make absolutely wonderful Imperial tank crew that are a bit more `integrated` with their vehicle, or, with a bit more work, great looking infantry for either Chaos Renegade Militia or mechanically augmented Imperial troops.
Grr!! We have only made a few of these Chaos Renegade Militia upgrades and I really like each one. There is just so much you can do with these models my Eldar army is in danger of being neglected! <Sigh>, Perhaps I`ll just do both…

More Heavy Metal

Over the past few Forge World Newsletters both Alan and I have been teasing you with piccies and info on a couple of new Leman Russ variants: A modified Phaeton pattern and a modified Mars Alpha/Ryza pattern. Today though, we`ll be taking a closer look at the third in this growing range of Leman Russ variants. Please feast your eyes on the modified gloriousness of the Mars Alpha/Ryza pattern Vanquisher.

Mars Alpha/Ryza pattern Vanquisher.

Armed with the horribly powerful Vanquisher Cannon and a co-axial Heavy Stubber in the main turret, this modified Ryza pattern turret packs more punch at a greater range than most. I think this is my favourite Vanquisher variant with its heavily riveted main gun barrel and elegant Heavy Stubber stretching alongside. When combined with the modified Mars Alpha pattern hull, the whole vehicle looks far more balanced and `right` to me.

Shiny New Tank Upgrades

For all you people who want to convert your existing tanks we have some very nice add-on packs as used in the new Leman Russes above. Firstly there is a new Death Korps Tank Commander with Stubber which can be assembled either operating the gun or using a pair of binoculars. Very cool. Next there is a set of Leman Russ Filters & Air-Scrubbers that can easily be used to on Imperial vehicles fighting in harsh environments to protect both the crew and the vehicle itself, upgrading them to a similar standard as those used by the Death Korps of Krieg. And lastly we have a set of Leman Russ Trench Rails. These are used to help the massive vehicles cross trenches and ditches without toppling back in and as such will count as a `Rough Terrain Modification` in 40K game terms. I just think they look really cool on the back of a Leman Russ to tell the truth.

All three upgrades can be used to easily update existing vehicles such as Destroyer Tank Hunters, Thunderers etc into Death Korps of Krieg patterns.

Death Korps of Krieg – Grenadier Centaur Light Assault Carrier

The second variant on the Centaur chassis is also available to pre-order now. The Grenadier Centaur Light Assault Carrier can be assembled with or without the optional armoured roof, but it does look so good with it fitted to my mind. With two Heavy Stubbers, the Grenadier Centaur packs a mean punch as it crosses the battlefield with it’s cargo of grim-visaged Death Korps Grenadiers. As yet I don`t have any rules, experimental or otherwise, to share with you, but they’ll be in a future Forge World Newsletter as soon as I have them.

Death Korps of Krieg – Infantry Squad at Ease

To date, this is my favourite unit of Death Korps. Instead of the classic, aggressive pose of soldiers that we are all used to seeing, the Death Korps of Krieg – Infantry Squad at Ease feature a combination of bodies and arms that go together to create the most charismatic squad we`ve made despite being `at ease`. When I spoke to Daren Parrwood, the Forge World designer responsible for making this unit, he told me that all the arms are interchangeable between this squad and all the others! This means that there is a truly huge range of poses and options open to you when assembling a Death Korps infantry force. (Hmm? Collect three armies at once…?)

Release Dates and Pre-Order Information

Every last one of these new releases is available to pre-order now both online at the Forge World online store and over the phone via the number at the bottom of the page. They will start to be shipped out from Monday January 29th onwards. Remember, if you place your pre-order before the beginning of January, orders of £100 and above receive free shipping!

We expect some of these items are going to be very popular and we strongly advise ordering early if you want them as soon as possible after release. Also remember that Forge World do not charge for pre-orders until a couple of days before the release date!

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