Painting the Aeronautica Imperialis Thunderbolt Fighters

The Thunderbolt is the mainstay weapon system of Imperial Navy fighter wings and is a rugged, well-armed and armoured heavy fighter with all-around capabilities, a good maximum speed and above-average maneuverability, powerful nose-mounted weapons and hard points located on the wings for missile or bomb load-outs. The Thunderbolt’s primary combat role is as an air superiority fighter. It seeks out and engages enemy aircraft in dogfights or hunts enemy bombers to establish air superiority.

There are two of these in the Wings of Vengeance boxed set. Having constructed the two fighters, I gave them a white undercoat.

I armed both my Thunderbolts with Skystrike missiles.

I did start to think about what paint scheme I should use for my Thunderbolt fighters. I wanted a dark top, and a light underneath. I did really want a light blue underside and a dark blue topside.

I had a Humbrol grey spray can so I gave the models’ underneath a spray of grey.

It was probably a little too dark compared to what I wanted, but decided to leave it as it was.

As you can see there was a little overspray on the topside.

See the workbench feature on the Aeronautica Imperialis Thunderbolt Fighters.

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