Revisiting the Grot Tanks

I picked up a set of Grot Tanks on a visit to Warhammer World. Having not really looked at them for a while, having been stuck at the undercoated stage, I thought I might try and finish them.

The lunatic product of the deranged imaginations of grot riggers and scavs that have spent far too long basking in the insane genius of the Big Meks, Grots Tanks are diminutive armoured vehicles made to imitate the far larger Ork Wagons and Tanks.

The set contains four different variant chassis, tracks, exhausts and turrets as well as four fantastic Grot Tank Kommandaz and 5 different, incredibly shooty, weapon options.

See the workbench features on the Grot Tanks.

Starting with my least favourite I gave it a base coat of Karak Stone.

I did realise that I hadn’t undercoated the bottom of the tanks, as the paint didn’t stick to the resin on the bottom. So I took the others out to the garage and gave them a white undercoat on the underneath of their hulls.

I then started painting the tracks with Gorthor Brown.

I would have normally painted the tracks black and then drybrushed with Boltgun Metal. However revisiting the Forge World images of their Grot Tanks, the tracks were brown and rusty.

So I think I will try that effect. I do have some Forge World weathering powders for rust in one of my boxes somewhere…

Having done both tracks, I was reminded one was damaged when I cut the sprue off.

I am thinking I might now try and fix it by creating a fix with some modelling putty.

I liked the Gorthor Brown base coat for the tracks, so I decided to start painting the tracks (and in some cases the wheels) of the other Grot tanks as well.

I was going to give one of the tanks a basecoat by spraying with a can of Middlestone I had. Though I completely forgot that the nozzle was missing from the spray can, so was unusable!

What I did do was give the other Grot Tank a basecoat using a spray can of Chieftain Green I had.

This one always looks a bit like a Sherman so thought it worked well.

I am pleased I am making progress. I think if I finish these I might get four more from Forge World at some point. Hopefully I will paint those faster than it is taking to do these.

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