Grot Tank IV

I am happy with the tank as it is now.

Here is the guide to how I painted it.

I picked up a set of Grot Tanks on a visit to Warhammer World.

The lunatic product of the deranged imaginations of grot riggers and scavs that have spent far too long basking in the insane genius of the Big Meks, Grots Tanks are diminutive armoured vehicles made to imitate the far larger Ork Wagons and Tanks.

The set contains four different variant chassis, tracks, exhausts and turrets as well as four fantastic Grot Tank Kommandaz and 5 different, incredibly shooty, weapon options.

Before making them up I had a good look at the pictures on the Forge World website.

There are many variations, but before I got started, I washed all the resin pieces. There is a fair bit of resin for the four tanks.

I then looked at the four main bodies and tracks deciding which was going to go with which and then cleaned up the resin.

This combination, especially the turret had a very German Tiger tank or Panzer IV look to it. I decided to arm it with a Big Shoota and a Rokkit Launcha (as it has a secondary weapon bay in the hull. I do like the tracks that I’ve used for this model.

You have lots of options, including adding exhausts in a variety of ways.

Here are all four in a row.

Another view of the four, all in a row.

The next stage was to give the tank a white undercoat.

In this rear view you can see the exhausts I added to this model.

I think I might use a similar technique to the one I used on my Ork Fighter Bomma engine with a base coat of Boltgun Metal (or similar) and then use washes and weathering powders.

All four of the tanks are now undercoated.

Having not really looked at them for a while, having been stuck at the undercoated stage, I thought I might try and finish them.

The first thing I did was realise that I hadn’t undercoated the bottom of the tanks, as the paint didn’t stick to the resin on the bottom. So I took it out to the garage and gave them a white undercoat on the underneath of the hull.

I was going to give one of the tanks a basecoat by spraying with a can of Middlestone I had. Though I completely forgot that the nozzle was missing from the spray can, so was unusable!

I then started painting the tracks with Gorthor Brown. I would have normally painted the tracks black and then drybrushed with Boltgun Metal. However revisiting the Forge World images of their Grot Tanks, the tracks were brown and rusty.

I did the other track.

I painted the rear exhausts with Leadbelcher.

I then did some more shading, this time with Nuln Oil to reduce the shine on the exhausts and add more depth to the tracks.

I gave the main hull and turret a basecoat of Ushabti Bone.

Once this was dry I gave the model a wash of Citadel Shade, Seraphim Sepia.

There are parts which I missed and there is a small patch between the turret and the hull which I will need to go over again, as the paint has not adhered to the resin.

Having fixed some of the problems with gaps in the painting, I gave the main weapon a basecoat of Leadbelcher and then washed it with Agrax Earthshade to dull some of the shine from the metallic paint and add shadow.

Really like how this has turned out.

I did some finishing off, using nakebite Leather Contrast Paint on the hull rokkit.

I think I can say I have finished this tank.

Here is the Grot Tank on my scenic tile.

I might do some weathering powders later, but I think I might test those out on a test model first. I really did enjoy painting these little tanks.