Return of the Terrain

Next week sees the opportunity to order some old Warhammer 40000 terrain kits.

Spice up your 41st Millennium battlefields with a range of classic Warhammer 40,000 terrain returning on a Made to Order basis, starting with a Void Shield Generator complete with functioning cogs that can be left unglued and rotated. The Sub-cloister and Storage Fane set is an all-purpose pair of ruined Imperial buildings, while Plasma Regulators and Conservators make for great scatter terrain between larger buildings.

If you want to give your battlefield the air of an industrial hub or forge world, four returning kits from the Battlezone: Mechanicus range are the perfect way to add some brutal Imperial architecture. The Ferratonic Furnace and Pyrolation Incinerator add high gantries and ample vantage points for getting the drop on your opponents, while towering Alchomite Stacks and buzzing Haemotrope Reactors provide troops with cover as they advance through the forge.

I have some of these terrain models from the Imperium partwork series which was available a couple of years back.

I have quite a few of the ruined Imperial building kits as well as a Haemotrope Reactor.

Depending on the prices of the kits, I might get one or two.

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