Civil War

This spring sees the release of the new Alex Garland film, Civil War.

Set in an America which is breaking apart, the film is about a group of journalists travelling across the United States in an ever escalating conflict which is engulfing the entire country.

The war is between the US government and “Western Forces” which includes California and Texas. The trailer mentions nineteen states seceding from the union. It also talks about a three term President. According to the constitution American presidents can only serve two terms, could this be the reason behind the secession?

The background to the film raises a lot of ideas for gaming scenarios. As well as regular US armed forces, there is the National Guard for each state, and the film also brings in partisan extremist militias into the fight as well. The conflict allows opportunistic forces to take advantage of the chaos.

There are lots of miniatures available to game these scenarios. I am looking forward to seeing the film.