The Battle For Angelus Prime at Warhammer World

One of the huge displays at Warhammer World is The Battle For Angelus Prime.

The Battle For Angelus Prime

This enormous diorama is full of models; with space marines, tanks, flyers and titans.

The Battle For Angelus Prime

The moody lighting made photography difficult, but I did like how the walkway around went up so you could see right into the heart of the diorama.

The Battle For Angelus Prime

Imperial Knight attacking against T’au forces

There was a huge display of Tau forces defending themselves against an attacking force of Imperial Knights.

Imperial Knight attacking against T'au forces

The Imperial Knights did appear to be significantly outnumbered, but were holding their own. I really like the Imperial Knight models and nice to see them in big scale compared to the Epic ones I have somewhere…

Imperial Knight

Fighting for the T’au was the KV128 Stormsurge.

KV128 Stormsurge

An absolute colossus of a machine, piloted by graduates of the Ves’oni’Vash, the KV128 Stormsurge is designed as an extreme heavy-weapons platform. Not as manoeuvrable as a Riptide, instead relying on thick armour and devastating loadouts, these hulking, squat ballistic suits are capable of changing the course of a battle in seconds with a decisive volley of astonishing firepower. Fitted with thrusters to counter recoil, bristling with pulse weaponry and missile pods, the Stormsurge is the T’au Empire’s Titan-killer.

It was an impressive display and included a huge T’au Manta as well. The scenery is excellent representing a T’au base or colony.

Tau Manta

A finished and painted Tau Manta at Warhammer World.

au Manta at Warhammer World

The Manta measures 630mm/25 inches long and has a wingspan of 860mm/34 inches! Weighing in at 12.5 kilos/28 pounds, it weighs six times as much as a Thunderhawk Gunship.

This is one big model. I was never sure how you could use it in games, the weight must make it challenging to use in tabletop games.

I certainly don’t have the funds to buy one, and no time to build and paint one. As it comes with two Devilfish, two Hammerheads, eight Battlesuits and six Gun Drones, I don’t think I would even have the time to build and paint those.

Bring back the Epic version, well bring back a version for Adeptus Titanicus.

Classic Golden Demon: The Bretonnian Joust

Dave Andrews' Bretonnian Joust diorama 1996

I have always liked this jousting diorama, The Bretonnian Joust, by Dave Andrews which won the Open Competition in the 1996 Golden Demon awards. The level of detail is outstanding. There are hoof marks in the ground, created using clay. The manuscript on the back is handwritten.

Dave Andrews' Bretonnian Joust diorama 1996

Across the diorama are lots of figures adding to the story. The pavilion is made from foil, but is painted to look like cloth.

Dave Andrews' Bretonnian Joust diorama 1996

Some more photographs and details about the model can be found  here.


In Warhammer World is a somewhat small (nostalgic) section on the early years of Citadel Miniatures and Warhammer (there are some more models elsewhere in the exhibition.

Not entirely sure of the age or era this wonderfully painted duel of a High Elf versus a Dark Elf on a Cold One is from, but I did like it.

I suspect it might be an entry in a previous Golden Demon competition.

Ultramarines Life Size Rhino

The last time I visited Warhammer World it was back in 2012.  Back then the  life size Rhino  was right in the middle of the car park. Now it’s by the entrance to the revamped and new(ish)  Warhammer World.

Ultramarines Life Size Rhino

It was originally used as a promotional piece for the THQ Dawn of War video game.  THQ gave the Rhino to Games Workshop who then gave it a repaint in Ultramarines colours. Here is another view of how it looks today.

Ultramarines Life Size Rhino

It has suffered a little from being outside and is slightly battered and rusty, but this does make it look more “realistic”. This is how it looked six years ago, slightly shinier.

Ultramarines Life Size Rhino

Chaos Iron Warriors

This is a rather nice looking Iron Warriors Chaos Basilisk that was on display in Warhammer World in Nottingham back in 2007.

This is a rather nice looking Iron Warriors Chaos Vindicator (if somewhat badly photographed) that was in the display.
Iron Warriors Chaos Vindicator
Alongside in the same display cabinet (along with other models it has to be said) was this BaneBlade heavy tank.
Iron Warriors Chaos BaneBlade
Again very nicely painted and looks very menacing.
part of much larger Iron Warriors army by Christian Bryne.


This Golden Demon winning Duel was on display in Warhammer World back in 2007.
Space Marine on a bike versus an Eldar Exodite on a lizard
It comprises a Space Marine Chaplin on a bike fighting an Eldar Exodite on a giant lizard.
Space Marine Chaplin on a bike fighting an Eldar Exodite on a giant lizard
The Exodites were a concept that had Eldar using giant lizards as mounts and large mounts for weapons (in a similar way to Elephants or Squiggoths). It was never taken further by Citadel, though some Epic concepts were sculptured and cast, but never went on sale. The concept proved popular with some and as a result there is an unofficial codex out on the tubes and some lovely models such as this one.