Legion Reinforcements

Next week you will be able to pre-order some Legion reinforcements for The Horus Heresy.

There is the Cerberus Heavy Tank Destroyer.

The massive Cerberus Heavy Tank Destroyer is an armoured beast, mounting a triple-barrelled neutron laser battery onto a rugged Spartan hull to create a devastatingly focused anti-tank weapon. It can detonate tanks in a single blast while shrugging off return fire like it’s nothing – everything you want in a Lord of War.

I prefer the Typhon Heavy Siege Tank. Given the choice between the Cerberus and the Typhon, I would choose the Typhon. I just think it is a better looking tank.

There is also the Sicaran Venator Tank Hunter.

If you prefer your anti-tank options a little more discrete, the Sicaran Venator trades mass for speed and can wind its way around enemy flanks before lancing neutron beam laser blasts right through the sides of opposing tanks.

I am not a fan of this tank, so it won’t be added to my (long and) never-ending wish list.


Cerberus Heavy Tank Destroyer

Revealed at the Las Vegas Open was the all new plastic Cerberus Heavy Tank Destroyer.

The Cerberus Heavy Tank Destroyer has one job – blowing up other tanks. To that end, it is armed with a centreline-mounted neutron laser battery, a relic of the dark age of technology that dooms its crew to a horrid death thanks to the exotic radiation it pumps out – but not before it dooms dozens of enemy vehicles to a much more immediate death.

We first saw this as a resin Forge World model in 2012.

I have to say I am not a fan of this vehicle. Apart from the fact that it dooms its crew to a horrid death; I am not a fan of the weapon mount. I much prefer the cannon on the Typhon tank. I think it is, because it looks like it is missing a mantle for the main weapon.

A gun mantlet is an armour plate or shield attached to an armoured fighting vehicle’s gun, protecting the opening through which the weapon’s barrel projects from the hull or turret armour and, in many cases, ensuring the vulnerable warhead of a loaded shell does not protrude past the vehicle’s armour.

I think that is similar to the reasons why I am not a fan of the Ork Kill Blasta as well.