Washing the white ruins

I got a couple of Ruined Factorum sprues that came with Warhammer 40000 Imperium 34. The ruins are from the The Battlezone: Manufactorum – Sub-cloister and Storage Fane kit. One I decided I was going to paint in the same manner as the first Ruined Factorum, for the second I chose to follow the (white and red) paint scheme as outlined in Warhammer 40000 Imperium.

Having constructed the models I gave them a white undercoat. I sprayed the model a few more times with the Corax White spray. I then, following the instructions painted the doors and window frames with Mephiston Red base paint.

According to the instructions in Warhammer 40000 Imperium the next step was to wash the models with Nuln Oil Shade.

I did this, but realised I wanted a slightly dirtier look as with the GW version. So I used some Agrax Earthshade Shade as well.

I haven’t quite got the look I was hoping for, so I might do some more shading.

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