old Ork Dreadnought

Ork Meks love building Dreadnoughts, crude but effective war machines made from scraps of armour, and loaded up with all manner of shooty bits, burnas, missiles, snipping blades, and buzzsaws. While they look ramshackle, their armour is thick and the sheer amount of firepower they put out is intimidating to face. When they get close enough to bring them to bear, the manic energy of their pilots makes up for the clumsy mechanisms bringing their melee weapons to bear, creating a shockingly effective whirlwind of claws and blades.

You can order this old Ork Dreadnought as a special made-to-order item.

This multipart metal kit builds a classic Ork Dreadnought, a vintage design for a crudely articulated can of heavy armour and brutal weapons. This stompy combat walker comes armed with two Dread klaws – one a snippy pincer, the other a razor-toothed buzzsaw – and can choose between a big shoota, rokkit launcher, and skorcha for its two secondary weapons.

Now I actually thought I had one of these in my collection (or languishing on the workbench) however I don’t. I do have older metal  Ork Killa Kans in my Ork army, however I never purchased this kit for my Orcs.

So I am now quite tempted to buy one, especially as it is a metal kit. I have until the 6th May 2024 to make up my mind…

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