Honoured Imperium Statue and Ruins

These have been in storage for a while now, it was back in 2011 that I gave the models a basecoat of Humbrol Sea Grey spray paint. I had earlier, drybrushed the Broken Aquila, and then used the same technique on the Space Marine Statue and ruins.

Honoured Imperium Ruins

Honoured Imperium Ruins

These are the ruins.

Honoured Imperium Ruins

As I mentioned in my previous post on the Broken Aquila, I was originally going to keep the whole model grey, but I am now thinking I might add more scenic and foliage and rather than have it as a recentl ruin, have it as one that was left some time ago and nature has over time grown around it. The Imperium has been around for ages and so it still fits the fluff. The statue certainly looks like it is aged rather than damaged as part of a recent battle.

Honoured Imperium Broken Aquila

These have been in storage for a while now, it was back in 2011 that I gave the models a basecoat of Humbrol Sea Grey spray paint.

The broken Aquila was a very flat grey.

Honoured Imperium Broken Aquila

I then used a variety of greys and drybushed them on.

Honoured Imperium Broken Aquila

Honoured Imperium Broken Aquila

I was originally going to keep the whole model grey, but I am now thinking I might add more scenic and foliage and rather than have it as a recently broken Aquila, have it as one that was broken some time ago and nature has over time grown around it. The Imperium has been around for ages and so it still fits the fluff. It was seeing a ruined Imperial City in the jungle in a copy of White Dwarf a few years back that inspired me to think about going down this route.

This scenery that was also on display at GamesDay 2009 always impressed me.


Taking the Imperial Ruins, painting them stone in colour and adding overgrown jungle foliage and roots was always in my opinion an inspired move.

I am going to do something similar with my broken Aquila.

The Walls of the Chapel

I’ve had this building kit for sometime and for a long time it has been in a box, constructed and with a black undercoat. I gave the walls a basecoat of Citadel Base: Zandri Dust.

I wasn’t too impressed with the coverage over the black undercoat, I certainly had better results in the past with the old Foundation Paint range when painting over black.

These days though I am much more likely to use a white undercoat than a black one, and coverage is one of those reasons.

See workbench feature on the Warhammer Chapel.

4Ground 15mm Semi Detached Houses

As well as the 4Ground Hotel I blogged about a few days ago,  I also had the semi-detached houses.

Northwest European semi-detached houses, one house rendered green the other is white, these are ideal buildings for any 15mm gaming table.

The back is very similar to the front. Like the 4Ground hotel, the kit comes with very clear and easy to follow instructions.

Like the hotel these went together quite easily, though I had a few issues putting the roof together. I am going to add some details, such as glazing for the windows and posters on the walls. As with the hotel the instructions includes some 15mm scale posters.

15mm 4Ground Hotel

I mentioned in a previous post on my Sarissa Precision Old West Buildings about how much I liked the concept of laser-etched mdf buildings. Though these were the first laser-etched mdf buildings I had made, they weren’t the first ones I had bought. Some time ago I had seen some of the 4Gound 15mm buildings in a display cabinet in Waylands Forge in Birmingham alongside some Flames of War tanks and was impressed, so I purchased a couple of kits. However I hadn’t got round to ever making them up, now isn’t that quite normal for games, buy stuff, put in a cupboard and then do nothing with it… well certainly happens to me, probably too much.

However after making up the Sarissa Precision buildings and finding them very quick and easy to make, I remembered the 4Ground models that I had bought, found them and decided to put them together.

The two kits I bought were a couple of terraced houses and the hotel. The hotel was a lot more complicated to build than the Old West buildings. There were a lot more internal parts and there were even separate window ledges! Despite the added complications and more parts, it was a pretty easy build and didn’t take very long either. The instructions from 4Ground were very clear and easy to follow. The end result is quite pleasing.

I went with the pre-coloured version, so I wouldn’t need to paint it.

It might need a bit of weathering, and it also needs some signage and posters. It’s nice that the instruction sheet does have these, that can be cut out and stuck to the mode.

Overall these are really nice models and very easy to put together. The only thing I have mixed opinions on is that you can place models inside the building on all the different floors. This is obviously very useful from a gaming perspective, however I also think it has a rather negative impact on the look of the model.

Will I get some more? Yes I will. I think I may get some of their Old West buildings and 28mm World War Two buildings for Bolt Action.

Looking a lot like…

Back in February I wrote a blog post about the Flames of War buildings and one thing I said was:

Though I do like the design, I would like to see some differing styles, more so than just roof, roof colour, wall colour and shutters. The issue for me is that the houses are too similar in style. Maybe we just need more houses? I would like to see some cafes or shops in addition to the houses. Then maybe some farmhouses and outbuildings?

Well Battlefront were obviously listening… 😉

They have announced five plus one new buildings. One of which we have seen before is the Bastogne Church.

Bastogne Church

I do like the church, even with the “blue” windows. This would work well with the existing buildings, and would also suit areas elsewhere that just the Ardennes.

In addition there will be a large house, a corner shop, a manor house and a farm house with a barn.
So far we only have pictures of the large house and the corner shop.

Terraced House: Dieppe

I like the large house and it’s pretty obvious that this would sit well alongside the houses I already have. Yes it may be a little too similar, but the dormer windows in the roof are a nice feature. At £35 it is just under three times the price of one of the existing houses, so I think it is a little overpriced even if it does come with the attached outbuilding.

Corner Shop: Nijmegen

This is a nice corner buildings, but for me it is a little too bland. Hopefully there will be some signage supplied with the building. It needs a little more character.

I do like the idea of the manor house and the farm, which will add much needed variety to my building collection. I did think that the houses, though, nice, were a little too similar.

What’s the plus one? Well if you subscribe to all five you will get a ruined church for free.

Church (Ruined): Lille

I do like this ruined church and think it’s my favourite of all the pictures we’ve seen so far. There needs to be a few more ruins.

The only downside of the subscription is this:

A deluxe subscription to the full range of five premium properties. This subscription will not only hold you one of each code aside but will also entitle you to receive a Free Ruined Church with your fourth property. This Ruined Church will only be available this way and it will never be sold separately. You will be billed for the entire subscription at the start to secure this special offer and get your hands on what will be a truly unique model.

So you need to stump up £175 (US$250) now, you will then get a models in July, September, November this year and January and March in 2014.
Unlike the house subscription which took the money every time they sent you a house (and you got the freebies) this deal means paying all of the money up front. I would love to do this subscription deal, but don’t think I can afford £175 in one go! I am also slightly concerned about what happens if something went wrong, I would be out of pocket.

There is an alternative subscription deal, where you are billed monthly, but you will need to pay P&P and you won’t get the ruined church.

So are you going to get these buildings, if so how are you going to do it?

Flames of War Game

I recently had a game of Flames of War, which I lost convincingly, but did give me a chance to try out all those Flames of War houses and scenery.

Due to getting into the subscription in time, I now have a fair few houses.

Flames of War Game

I put them alongside the cobbled roads.

Flames of War Game

The ruined house is from Total Battle Miniatures, but fits in quite well in terms of size and appearance.

Hovels Church

I’ve mentioned some 1/200th or 10mm Hovels Ruins on the blog before. I found the other day the church that I bought at the same time.

Hovels Church

This has been undercoated black, and partly painted grey.

Hovels Church

I will now take the opportunity to repaint it for Flames of War. Though obviously smaller than the 15mm or 1/100th scale of Flames of War, I think it will work fine as a background piece of scenery.