Dystopian Wars Airfield Set

Having given the resin models in the Dystopian Wars Airfield Set a basecoat, the next stages were undertaken.

I mixed some of the Vallejo German Dark Camo (979) with Vallejo Ivory (918) and drybrushed the hangars.

The Airship Towers were given a wash with Citadel Shade: Nuln Oil.

After that was dry, I gave them a drybrush of the original grey.

The Radar Tower was also given a wash with Citadel Shade: Nuln Oil.

The radar itself  got a base coat of Citadel Base: Warplock Bronze.

See my Dystopian Wars workbench.

Dystopian Wars Airfield Set

This set contains three medium-sized hangers, two zeppelin towers and one communications building. I gave all the models an undercoat of Citadel Skull White spray. For the hangars I gave them a base coat of Vallejo German Dark Camo (979).

Dystopian Wars Airfield Set Hangar

Dystopian Wars Airfield Set Hangar

Dystopian Wars Airfield Set Hangar

The Airship towers and the radar tower were given a basecoat of light grey.

Dystopian Wars Airfield Set Airship Tower

Dystopian Wars Airfield Set Radar Tower

15mm Ruined Shop with Passage

Though not quite where I want the 15mm Ruined Shop with Passage, I wanted to check that the process I was planning or my 15mm buildings was going to look effective, so I gave the ruined end of the model a a wash of Citadel Shade: Agrax Earthshade.

I am quite pleased with the end result with using the wash, the roof tiles look a lot better, as I did that that the Terracotta was a little too bright when I first painted the roof that colour.

Kobblestone Buildings

Kobblestones Buildings

I really do quite like these buildings from Kobblestone Miniatures. Their website talks about using them for World War Two, I am not sure if they aren’t a little too “fantasy”, but then again a lot of European villages and towns were medieval in their centres, it wasn’t until the Allies and the Germans bombed and shelled them to pieces that they were rebuilt in a “modern” style. This photograph does show the potential.

Kobblestones Buildings

What do you think?

I think the only thing that is stopping me, is a) I usually play World War Two in 15mm, b) by the time you have bought an entire building, they are not that cheap. Building a town like in the photographs would cost a fair bit of cash, c) they are based in Canada, so the prices would also incur import duty and VAT if I sent off for any.

Maisons Françaises pour les Flammes de la Guerre

I do like the French style buildings that Battlefront have released for Flames of War. I was lucky enough to get a subscription so I have been getting a new house every month or so.

They are well made, well painted and I like the weight of them too. On the table they certainly look the part. I also like how easy it is to remove the roof, also to make single storey or three storey buildings.

So what do I think could be improved?

Simon said he thought they were a little too “clean” and what I think he meant by this is that they look as if the owners had just gone around their house, cleaned the windows, the shutters, fixed the guttering and whitewashed the walls. In reality, though a few houses would look like that, I would have liked to seen a more “lived in” look to the models. I might try and weather mine to give them a more (literally) weather beaten look.

Though I do like the design, I would like to see some differing styles, more so than just roof, roof colour, wall colour and shutters. The issue for me is that the houses are too similar in style. Maybe we just need more houses? I would like to see some cafes or shops in addition to the houses. Then maybe some farmhouses and outbuildings?

What do you think of the houses? What would you like to see?

Dystopian Wars Airfield Set

This set contains three medium-sized hangers, two zeppelin towers and one communications building.

This was very much one of those impulse buys, saw it, decided to get a blister, rather than buy something else, or something useful. I was inspired recently by those Dystopian Wars pictures that I posted to the blog.

You get two very nice looking airship towers. These are stone and steel towers that can be used to moor your airships, so perfect for the Prussians.

You also get a radar tower.

Not sure if they would have radar, even in a technologically advanced Victorian society, as we find in the Dystopian Wars, but then again, there is this model.

In the blister are also three aircraft hangars, big enough for fighters, but too small for the big bombers you can get.

As with virtually all Dystopian Wars castings these are very clean and no flash.