Ork Desert Fort

One of the things I liked about Cities of Death was the large Ork “town” which was there alongside the ruined Imperial Cities. I know I will never have the time, space or resources to make something similar, but I did like the concept and thought it would be nice to have some buildings for my Ork Airfield, well at least something that could be used alongside my Ork Bommer.

So I took an old DVD-R spindle tub I had, these are available in various sizes depending on how many disks there are, I used a 25 disk tub.

Once you have finished with the disks, you do have the basis for a good building. They come in various sizes as well, 25, 50, 100, therefore you can have different heights as well.

The first thing I did was cut up some plasticard, wooden sticks and Starbucks™ wooden stirrers into similar lengths. I also delved into my bitz box to get some parts, in the main from Imperial vehicles, ie Rhino and Land Raider doors.

Using strips of wood, Starbucks™ stirrers, plasticard, bitz from Imperial vehicles, I stuck them to the side.

Then using a hot glue gun I stuck these to the side of the DVD tub. A hot glue gun is perfect for this kind of thing, as both plastic and super glues are unsuitable for this kind of model.

When I thought about the floor of the fort, I did initially think about adding a series of wooden planks or metal sheets, however in the end I went with using modelling sand, which I think will look quite effective when painted and somewhat Orky.

I then added rivets using cut plastic rod and plastic sprue.

This view gives you an idea of how the sand floor works.

These Orks should give you an idea of scale. Have ordered some ladders from GW so that should add another feature.

Then using sliced plastic rod I started adding more rivets to the plasticard.

I used differing sizes of rod to simulate different sizes of rivets.

I also used hexagonal rod to create some bolts.

Here is the fort ready for undercoating.

I also got some metal ladders from Games Workshop so that the Orks can climb up into the fort or across to other forts.

The model was given a black undercoat.

I have given the model a sprayed base coat of rusty red. The black undercoat provides a consistent base for the red and as a result we get the same shade of red across the whole fort.

To give you an idea of scale I have placed the fort on a gaming table.

Then I used a wash on the fort floor.

Next stage will be more highlighting, weathering, washing, etc….

This then got left for a fair few years….

Getting it out I gave the model a spray of Citadel Zandri Dust.

The next stage will be to use a shade on the model.