This workshop is the main model from the Ork Mekboy Workshop boxed set. It is the only part of the kit that actually needs to be constructed.

I think what I really like about this model and I am looking forward to painting is the wall of tools.

The parts on the plastic sprues within the box are quite thick and chunky.

They were in some places quite tricky to remove from the sprues.

Having looked at the way it comes together, I decided that I would keep some assemblies separate for painting and then glue the whole thing together afterwards.

This will also allow me to undercoat some parts in Corax White and others in Leadbelcher.

I constructed the back wall and the electrical insulators.

However I left off the supporting frame as I felt it would be difficult to paint the wall behind it easily, as well as behind the frame itself.

I like the cogs and gears on the wall. With the details on this part of the model I am going to use Leadbelcher as the undercoat and make it somewhat rusty.

The main hoist, complete with Mekboy icon was put together. This part will be undercoated with Leadbelcher.

I wanted to paint some parts of the model more easily, so these will be easier to paint. The workbench or table is covered in tools. I want to paint this as a piece of wood as cast, so this will have a Corax White undercoat.

The grabbing crane I am intending to paint bright yellow, well more orange perhaps, and so this will also have a Corax White undercoat. The tools and engine will have a Leadbelcher undercoat.

I like the additional separate tools.

This is how it looks when completed, it is unglued in these photos.

I really should read my own workbench featureĀ as I didn’t undercoat the model in the way that I was planning to do. So the crane was going to have a white undercoat, whilst the workshop wall was going to have a Leadebelcher undercoat. In the end I did this the other way around.

So I gave the model an undercoat, some parts were done with Corax White and other parts with Leadbelcher.

I gave the tools a wash of Nuln Oil Shade.

I started to paint the back wall of the workshop with Basilicanum Grey contrast paint.

I used Snakebite Leather contrast paint on the workbench in the workshop, and then used Leadbelcher on the different tools on the workbench.

I finished painting the back wall of the workshop with Basilicanum Grey contrast paint.

I used Gorthor Brown on the insulation.

I also used Bronze and Gold Sharpie pens for some of the metallic aspects of the model.

More soon…