Painting a Killa Kan

Killa Kans are smallish, bipedal walkers composed of a rickety, lightly armoured “kan” perched atop a pair of piston driven legs, and armed with a selection of ranged and close-combat weapons. Relatively primitive and weak by Ork standards, they are nonetheless fast and incredibly dangerous for their size, and one or two are more than a match for an Astra Militarum Sentinel walker.

These plastic Killa Kans were a christmas present many years ago…

The box provides for a mob of three plastic models all armed with different weapons.

In the box you get three plastic sprues, which allow you to make three plastic Killa Kan.

The last time I looked at these I had given them a wash of Devlan Mud, which is now no longer available… however a quick search means I can find alternatives.

I decided I might try and finish the models, however one of them had broken it’s buzzsaw. So that one was picked as one to try and finish first. Having fixed the buzzsaw I painted some parts of the model with Leadbelcher paint including the main saw.

I did some dry brushing of the model.

See the workbench feature on all three Killa Kans.

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