Ork Air Waaagh! ‘Eavy Bommerz

Ork Air Waaagh! 'Eavy Bommerz

Next week we will see the release of the next expansion for Aeronautica Imperialis with the Ork Air Waaagh! ‘Eavy Bommerz.

Ork Air Waaagh! 'Eavy Bommerz

You get two bommerz in the box. They look very similar to the previous Epic scale Eavy Bommerz.

As you can see they are very similar to the original Epic Ork ‘Eavy Bommerz from GamesDay 2007.

Epic scale Ork Bommer

I really like the sound and look of the new game, but I realised I never finished my original blog post about it. I haven’t yet bought the rules, but may do so soon.

You can pre-order them from Games Workshop.

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