New Ork Bommer

Oh yes…

The 2nd of June sees the release of the new plastic Ork Bommer.

Ever since an Ork aircraft first took flight and achieved supersonic speed, prospective flyboyz have been trying to outdo each other with their invenshuns. The most popular configurations of the Ork Bommer are the Dakkajet, the Burna-Bommer and the Blitza-Bommer.

It looks like a really nice plastic kit and you can make one of three variants. My favourite is this one.

It reminds me both of the Boulton Paul Defiant and one of the original Epic Ork Flyers.

With the price of Forge World kits as they are, it seems quite cheap at £27.50. Sometimes I need to remember that this is a plastic kit and Airfix usually sell something like this for £10!

Really nice concept and pleased to see it as a plastic kit. Time to rekindle that Ork Airfield idea that I had a few years back. Back then I bought the Ork Aircraft Traktor and Launch Trolley and repainted my Ork Fighter Bomma from Forge World.

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