Do you want a Thunderfire Cannon?

I didn’t spend a huge amount of money at GamesDay 2008 but did get a few things. Main trouble was that stuff I wanted had sold out. I was also disapppointed with the lack of Ork stuff for sale on the retail stands, all they seemed to have was the Space Marine Thunderfire Cannon, boxes of them, boxes and boxes. Virtually all other new Space Marine stuff such as the Codex and Drop Pod had sold out by 11.00am! However if you wanted a bundle of Thunderfire Cannons, no problem!

Space Marine Thunderfire Cannon

The thing was that it wasn’t only a pre-release it was also an opportunity to get it much much cheaper.

At GamesDay 2008 it was priced at £25. Games Workshop are going to increase their prices on the 29th September, so when the Thunderfire Cannon is released on the 4th October it will be priced at £30 (well according to the red shirt I spoke to at GamesDay).

So why wasn’t the Thunderfire Cannon selling at GamesDay?

According to the same red shirt I spoke to it was because they bought a pallet’s worth with them and it contained small boxes.


I think not.

I believe it didn’t sell as it was overpriced for what it was (and it’s going to cost even more) and I think that it’s not a very good model. When you compare it to the Forge World Tarantula which is cheaper and looks more “realistic” (well how realistic can a weapon from the 41st millennium be).
One red shirt tried to sell it to me on the basis that it worked well in the game… Well some people may buy figures because of the rules, I buy figures because of the way they look.

So what did I get?

Well I got the Ork Barricades (got the last one). I got the excellent Modelling Masterclass book from Forge World which is full of great stuff. I also got the latest White Dwarf and the Warhammer Historical Old West rules.

What I wanted to get was the Warhammer Historical Great War rules, the Drop Pod, the Space Marine Codex and I even considered getting another Ork Gunwagon – though I may get the new plastic Ork Battlewagon.

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