Do you want a Thunderfire Cannon?

At GamesDay 2008 there was a (very small) bundle of pre-release Space Marine stuff, from the Codex to the Drop Pod to the Thunderfire Cannon…

Thunderfire Cannon?

As I mentioned earlier on this blog…

I was also disapppointed with the lack of Ork stuff for sale on the retail stands, all they seemed to have was the Space Marine Thunderfire Cannon, boxes of them, boxes and boxes. Virtually all other new Space Marine stuff such as the Codex and Drop Pod had sold out by 11.00am! However if you wanted a bundle of Thunderfire Cannons, no problem!

There was loads of Thunderfire Cannons and I did mention also in the blog entry

The thing was that it wasn’t only a pre-release it was also an opportunity to get it much much cheaper. At GamesDay 2008 it was priced at £25. Games Workshop are going to increase their prices on the 29th September, so when the Thunderfire Cannon is released on the 4th October it will be priced at £30 (well according to the red shirt I spoke to at GamesDay).

So my conclusion was that one of the reason was it was over-priced and that was why it wasn’t selling.

I believe it didn’t sell as it was overpriced for what it was (and it’s going to cost even more) and I think that it’s not a very good model. When you compare it to the Forge World Tarantula which is cheaper and looks more “realistic” (well how realistic can a weapon from the 41st millennium be).

If you check the store it does say £30.

Thunderfire Cannon?

However have a look at White Dwarf Online and what does that say?


Possibly a mistake?

Possibly. It also says the Codex is £15 and I was charged £18!

One thought on “Do you want a Thunderfire Cannon?”

  1. The Thunderfire cannon is not only hideously overpriced, but a hideous model to assemble. I put together the one from my Spearhead last night, and it took me over three hours. My main issues:
    Massive amounts of flash. Not, I suppose, a major issue, but irritating and time consuming when I’d rather be painting Sternguard! Same goes for the Techmarine.
    The two pieces of the barrel are extremely badly cast, only fitting together very tenuously and requiring an awful lot of filling.
    The ring that the barrel sits on, which should slot neatly into the tracked base of the piece…er…doesn’t. It took some major league filing.
    The shells that sit in the back of the cannon won’t fit at all on my model. No matter how much I file the shells or the interior of the slot they should fit into, I can’t make it fit. In the end, Ive had to angle the barrel as if it’s firing upwards (Airburst!) to hide the missing shells as much as I can.
    Overall, not my favourite of the new models, and to be honest not something I see myself using too much in the game, although it looks like no one else will be either, so if I do it may be fairly unique!

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