Death Korps of Krieg Malcador Assault Tank

Death Korps of Krieg Malcador Assault Tank at Warhammer World

The Malcador Assault Tank, also known as the Malcador Heavy Tank is a venerable pattern of armoured vehicle that predates the Leman Russ tank in the Imperium of Man’s service. It is not widely used by Imperial armed forces at the present time and is in fact little known even within the Imperial military.

In many regions of the Imperium, the Malcador passed out of common service many millennia ago. The few Malcadors that remain in the Emperor of Mankind’s service have been relegated to the Departmento Munitorum’s strategic reserve, to the arsenals of second-line Planetary Defence Forces or are maintained in active service only by a few units of the Imperial Guard due to ancient tradition.

In front of the tank is a Death Korps of Krieg mounted officer.

These photographs are of the Marching to the Front diorama by Mark Bedford and was in the display cabinets at Warhammer World.

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