Tiny Drop Pods

Over on the Warhammer Community website we have seen a preview of some Drop Pods for Legion Imperialis.

Drop Pods for Legion Imperialis

The Legiones Astartes utilise a number of methods of deployment into hostile war zones – but none are more iconic than the Drop Pod assault. Each pod is a self-contained orbital descent capsule, launched from a spacecraft and searing through a planet’s atmosphere before retro jets fire to slow its descent just enough not to be obliterated upon impact with the surface. Upon landing, a deadly cargo of Space Marines charges directly into the heart of battle.

Though not entirely clear from the article, I think these are in fact plastic models.

There is also the intriguing final comment…

They’ll be available – much like Legions Imperialis itself – sooner than you think!

Space Marine Drop Pod

Space Marine Drop Pod on display at GamesDay 2008.

The Space Marines are known as the Angels of Death, and the title is never more appropriate than when they attack using Drop Pods. Drop Pod assaults are the ultimate weapon of terror and surprise, aimed right at the heart of the foe. Scarcely have the smouldering hulls come to rest when their hatches blow clear, and the occupants disembark to wreak havoc on wrong-footed enemies.

This is a nice model, and Simon has a couple, I have considered getting a few myself. Not sure for what though?