Epic Ork Skorchaz

Here is a photo of the finished models.

Epic Skorcha
Epic Skorchaz

Wartrakk Skorcha’s are Ork Skorcha heavy flamethrowers mounted on a Wartrakk chassis. Consisting of a mounted tank of promethium, Wartrakk Skorcha’s specialize in incinerating the enemy with great sheets of flame. The crews of these vehicles are usually Burna Boyz for whom man-portable burnas just aren’t enough. Skorcha crew like nothing more than roaring out of nowhere towards the enemy line and then pulling a sharp turn, spraying great gouts of burning fuel all over their prey before disappearing in a cloud of choking fumes.

I have always liked the Epic Skorcha model. In the past I have painted them black, drybrushed and added some detail. This photo shows one of my older models.

Epic Skorcha
Epic Skorcha

These ones will be painted in the desert colours to match the forces already painted and will look like my 40K version and my intention is to follow a scheme similar to these Wartrakk conversions.

Having mounted the models on a wooden stick I gave the models a white undercoat.

Epic Skorchaz

The metallic parts were then painted black. They were then drybrushed with Bolt Gun Metal and Tin Bitz.

Then I painted the basecoat, using different colours of orange and brown for each vehicle.

Close up it looks like the paint has obscured the detail, but these pictures were taken when the paint was wet.

They were then given an ink/paint wash, consisting of Chestnut Ink, Scorched Brown paint and water.

I will then need to drybrush and add more detail and paint the krew.

I have nearly finished my Epic Ork Skorchaz.

They have been dry-brushed and some detailing added.

Still need to paint the underside (where they were glued down) and add some more detailing. I am quite pleased with them.

Another picture of the nearly-finished Skorchaz.